Newcomer “yuma” overwhelms the deep house scene

¡Sounds fire! is the expression that comes naturally in all those who listen to Yuma with emotion. A young man from Frankfurt, Germany, who has made more than one heart race with excitement to the rhythm of his compositions.

Yuma Mair is a very talented and energetic boy that used his time after finishing high school to learn how to produce music. He barely had any social interactions in that period of time. However, Yuma remained focused, cause he had a vision and a goal that he wanted to achieve.

At his young age, he has stood out among many, for creating a combination of rhythms, that makes the listener’s entire body vibrate. His youth has shown that age is not a limitation at all when it comes to achieving dreams and showing true natural talent. Thanks to today’s technologies, Yuma was able to make his compositions known through online streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music & Co. All the energy that he transmits through his rhythms and the combination of his melodics, is truly something magical.

From a very young age, Yuma showed a special interest and passion for music. He grew and developed his musical ear under the influence of electronic music artists and groups such as TCTS, SOMMA, Lastlings, Gorgon City, and KC Lights. His way of perceiving sounds has been something magical, making him and his sound stand out among many in the music industry. In each experience he made, he has managed to create mixes and combinations of rhythms that identify him, making him special.

The vibration behind his compositions, the energy that his sounds emit, have captivated millions of teenagers, young people, adults, and even seniors. There are no limits for electronic music. It is created for lovers of the genre and for those who want to cross borders and perceive energy to the rhythm of their heartbeat.

Driven by his desire to show the world his music, Yuma began in late 2018 at the age of 15 experimenting with his iPad, mixing sounds together, giving his first signs of the ability of musical composition for this genre. He later switched to the digital audio workstation named Fl Studio.

Yuma is a very focused young visionary. He expresses that he has a very clear goal: to stand out with his music. His dream and effort he puts in his compositions to achieve this goal have already given positive results, as it is today, his last two releases have surprised and maddened more than one in the world.

In just 1 month “Falling With You”, one of his recent hits, reached over 1 million streams on Spotify, numbers that promise a great production career for this young and talented German. “Mean To Me” is another of the successful releases that have led him to be known on social networks such as Youtube and Spotify. With surprising speed, he gained a fan base that noticed the impact Yuma’s music has on people all over the world more than once.

This musical phenomenon, that Yuma created, allowed him to sign 2 tracks to one of the biggest independent dance label (selected.) in the world. The talented young man now works together with the label on producing new records for the upcoming summer.

A promising career awaits Yuma. He is a loyal admirer of the productions resulting from the work of Sonny Fodera and Gorgon City, with whom he dreams of collaborating at some point in his musical career.

For lovers of electronic music, for those who enjoy the positive energy of life, for those who love House-music just like Yuma, for all of them and for many others in the world you will have access to these stunning compositions thanks to the talent of this young German boy.

“Falling with you” and “Mean to me” showed us a part of Yuma’s creativity. These two compositions captivated millions in a short period of time; despite the inexperience in a formal musical career indicates that the success of “Falling with you” and “Mean to me” is definitely a reflection of the natural talent that Yuma has been gifted with.

Yuma is just at the beginning of his career, his dreams are under development. Yuma will continue to grow and upgrading his style, and as he does so, the world can enjoy the magic of electronic music through the wonderful sound combinations that the creativity of this incredible young man provides and delivers.

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