OCD Is 100% Treatable Without Medications By Dr. Kailash Mantry

Have you ever noticed anyone checking a locked drawer severally to see if that is perfectly locked? Or, someone is washing hands many times to get rid of contamination?

If you are a bit mindful, you will find a lot of people around you suffering from the compulsion of doing one thing repeatedly. They are suffering from OCD.

The global prevalence of OCD is approximately 2% and the World Health Organization also considers OCD as a major mental illness. The picture is not hopeful in India. According to the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, the official publication of the Indian Psychiatric Society, the point prevalence of OCD is 3.3%, as observed in a study conducted on above 5500 students.

To understand OCD one must understand the three components of the term Obsessive Compulsory Disorder. The word Obsessive stands for a single-track mind that thinks something over and over again. Compulsory behavior denotes an uncontrolled, helpless situation when the individual has no choice. It leads to derangement and confusion. All these make OCD a dreaded mental illness.

People with OCD live in a vicious spiral of obsessive thought, anxiety, compulsive behavior, and temporary relief. And it goes round and round in the same order. They feel frustrated and distressed about their compulsive acts but can hardly come out of that. Many of them are always afraid of something terrible happening to them and frequently seek others’ help and reassurance. Moreover, these interfere with their daily life.

OCD can be of two types: mild OCD and severe OCD. Around 40% of the patients have mild OCD, and 60% of patients have severe OCD.

Individuals having OCD show signs of excessive doubt, excessive fear, excessive guilt, excessive negativity, and excessive precautions. They are also over conscious, excessively secretive, and serious. These people are also an excessive perfectionist and become a victim of illogical thinking and indulge in excessive self-cleaning rituals.

OCD patients also suffer from many complications. Sometimes they are violent and aggressive. They are also much prone to become drug and alcohol addicts. Mostly, they feel lonely, have improper sleep quality, bad relationships with others, and unsuccessful conjugal life. They might have anxiety disorders or other health issues. And the worst of all, they might make suicide attempts or take action to kill someone. Whatever happens in their life, they tend to blame their parents.

The traditional methods of treating OCD involve medications, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and group therapy where OCD patients meet in a group. But these are not fruitful. Moreover, as the root of this lies deep into the mind, medicines can hardly help. The doctors prescribe those for the satisfaction of the family members. And these medicines do more harm than good in the long run.

Dr. Kailash Mantry is a life coach and health consultant based in Mumbai. He believes that the root cause of all mental illnesses lies embedded in the human mind.

Everybody has a mind, but its true nature is not fully understood. Mind is a unique set of different faculties. It includes cognitive aspects like consciousness, intelligence, perception, thinking, memory, etc, and non-cognitive aspects like emotion and instinct.

Dr. Kailash Mantry has formulated a revolutionary approach for treating various mental illnesses without medicines. For this, he dives deep into the mind of the patient. It reveals the ultimate cause of mental illnesses. He can cure 100% OCD without any medications.

He also treats ADHD, anxiety, autism, bipolar disorder, depression, dyslexia, insomnia, learning disabilities, mental illness, phobia,  stammering, schizophrenia, and many more mental illnesses without any medication by following his revolutionary treatment protocol.

Dr. Kailash Mantry is practicing for the last 25 years. He has also researched more than 50 diseases that medical science cannot cure even today. He also has a unique track record. He has consulted 1000+ clients so far and has achieved 95% success for all of them. He has also earned above 20 global certificates and awards.

OCD can be due to a box load of causes like family disturbance, family disconnection, dominating a child at an early age, Uncertainty, insecurity and lack of attention are also major contributors to OCD. It mainly comprises anxiety, confusion, doubt, and fear for everything. All these generate in the domain of the human mind. As such, medicines have no role in treating OCD.

Because of this Dr. Kailash Mantry has introduced the revolutionary MIND MAPPING approach, called. As an OCD patient comes to the clinic, he provides a questionnaire of 500 questions that the patient has to tick on the options. Once this is complete, the picture becomes clear.

Dr. Kailash Mantry takes the OCD patients and their parents to a resort for 10 days. More than 50 therapies are offered in a relaxed and congenial environment. This is done to help the patient to open up. As they start cooperating, treatment is done for 10 to 15 hours every day. One can observe substantial improvement within ten days only, and it takes around three months for a complete cure.

Parent participation is also an absolute necessity. They are also analyzed and diagnosed for finding the root cause of the problem and remedying that. Joint participation in the program also helps to bridge any gap that lies between the parents and the child.

The program helps to identify the triggers that cause OCD. Patients are helped to be conscious about them and learn how to resist the compulsions. They are also taught to meet the challenges of obsessive thoughts and make changes for a complete cure of OCD.

Dr. Kailash Mantry treats patients with mental illnesses in an impeccable manner. He gets support from his son Sagar, daughter Pooja and wife Pramila, and 10 more coaches in his endeavor. He establishes a strong connection with patients and their families. It helps him to grasp all about the condition and forms a major step for treating the disease. He provides 100% natural treatment for curing OCD and other mental illnesses at the Mantry Healthcare Center.

Visit https://www.mantryhealthcare.com/ to learn more about him.

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