Specialist Insulation Company Issues Warning to Homeowners

A specialist Ontario insulation company has warned homeowners how important it is for them to insulate their garages.

Foam Insulation, based in Newmarket, issued a caution “garages need insulating too” in a bid to help people protect their belongings.

A spokesman from Foam Insulation, which uses spray foam for insulation, said: “Everyone thinks or considers or knows about insulating their home, but everyone seems to forget the garage. It doesn’t matter whether the garage is big or small, proper insulation can stop the air from getting in through gaps in the brick work. This will keep the temperate at an even level and save on energy costs.

“If you are keeping precious family photo albums, expensive cars, machinery and tools, changes in temperature and damp could cause harm to sentimental items or cause expensive damage. Insulating and sealing the garage will stop this and create a safe storage space.

“Many people don’t realise that by insulating your garage you could be helping to protect the inside of your home too. Insulated garage walls and ceilings will act as a moisture barrier.

“We have even had customer insulate their garages to prevent snakes and rats getting into their properties. That is a particularly crucial angle to consider if you have young children who might play in the garage or enter the garage to get their toys,” he added.

Foam Insulation will do an estimate for all customers before they agree to go ahead with the work and they have a full portfolio of testimonials from previous clients to vouch for their quality work.

The spokesman continued: “Many don’t realise how insulating your garage opens up a whole host of opportunities and almost creates an extra room in your house. If you insulate your garage it will maintain the room at a comfortable temperature so you could turn it into a games room, gym or cinema room. Some people use it as a great place to move noisy activities like musical instruments or noisy games outside. The possibilities are endless.

“If you are going to use your garage to store expensive items or turn it into an extra room, it is really important that your garage is sealed completely after the insulation has been installed,” he added.

Foam Insulation will insulate attics, garages, external walls and install roof insulation.

Insulation is an expensive investment in a home, but if it is done correctly it should last up to 25 years and it is likely to add value to your house, particularly if you have created an extra room by insulating the garage.

About Foam Insulation

Foam Insulation is a specialist company that uses spray foam to insulate homes across Ontario. It will help people to insulate a roof, attic or even transform a garage into a safe space for storing items by insulating and sealing the space.

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