AC Installation Service in Vaughan are Getting Hot, Hot, Hot

It’s hot out there! A company offering AC installation services in Vaughan has launched special leasing / financing options for its customers who need cooling down in the extreme heat this summer.

ALP Heating have recognised that installing air conditioning can be an expensive job, so they have launched the leasing and financing opportunity to help improve the lives of hundreds of locals this year.

A spokesman for ALP Heating said: “COVID has hit many people hard financially and it is not cheap to install air conditioning, especially if you have a lot of space that needs cooling down. We don’t anyone to suffer or miss out and we wanted to make sure our air conditioning services were available to everyone who needed them this season, so we have launched this special service for our customers that starts from $69.95 per month.

“Air conditioning makes a huge difference in someone’s home at this time of year and it will improve the quality of life of the family and by having the right system, it can make a big difference to the cost of cooling down the house or condo.

“We are not in the business of just selling off air conditioning units. It is important to us that we find the right system for our customers and their homes. Everyone has such different needs, so it is important to us to tailor what we offer.

“The approach we use to a small bungalow with an open plan layout will be different a large house with lots of levels. The important factor is that we create the best solution for our clients so they know they will get comfortable temperatures, efficient airflow and the very best air quality in their homes.

ALP Heating’s ductless air conditioning service is how the company helps its customers get cool air into the spaces that need it and it is a solution for homeowners who don’t have the duct system needed for a central air conditioning system. ALP Heating is a locally owned company that takes pride in its customer service. The company will only send qualified and licensed professionals to its customers’ homes to undertake the installations.

“Most of our customers choose a ductless system so they can control the temperature in individual rooms in their homes. It means they don’t have to cool the whole house when they only need one or two rooms cooling. This type of system is very easy to install, cost efficient and it is really quick and easy to get set up in someone’s home.

“A quality and efficient air conditioning system can transform the lives of a family during the hot summer months and we will do our best to help in any way we can,” he added.  

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ALP Heating looks after air conditioning, furnace repair and installation, humidifier installation, fire place and stove installations and gas installation, service and repair across the Greater Toronto area. It will deal with routine repairs and installations and emergency call outs.

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