Rachel & Victoria Shakes up the Jewelry Industry, One Conflict-Free Diamond at a Time

This jewelry brand is making the world a kinder place, with beautiful jewelry that is ethically and socially conscious.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – or at least they were supposed to be. But the truth is, the diamond industry has such a dark history of not only mistreating the environment but also humans. Behind all the glitz and glam, and the shiny facade it wants people to see, the diamond industry has long been a culprit for ecosystem devastation, poverty, civil wars, child labor, and dangerous working conditions, taking advantage of natural resources and communities within diamond-rich lands.

What started as a personal journey of wanting a 100% conflict-free diamond engagement ring turned into a mission of exposing the truth about the diamond industry, finding alternatives to earth-mined diamonds, and changing the world in doing so. Since their launch in 2015, fine jewelry brand Rachel & Victoria, known for its engagement rings and wedding rings, has been promoting and educating people about a new choice in diamonds, one that’s beautiful and humanely sourced. Rachel & Victoria only uses type IIa diamonds that are grown above the ground for their fine jewelry pieces.

Rachel & Victoria seeks to provide exceptional jewelry that customers can look and feel good about wearing. Knowing very well how important bridal jewelry is for a young or soon-to-be-married couple’s life, Rachel & Victoria is committed to helping its customers have the perfect ring experience while making diamond jewelry purchases with a clear and educated conscience. In addition, they also provide diamond jewelry for every stage of life – from getting engaged, to marriage, to push presents, and to anniversary presents.

More information about Rachel & Victoria’s custom engagement rings and other diamond jewelry can be found at http://www.rachelandvictoria.com.

About Rachel & Victoria

Rachel & Victoria provides the highest quality ring concierge services through a unique and completely custom bridal jewelry design experience to each of its socially responsible, eco-conscious clients. This US-based jewelry brand only supplies diamonds that are grown above the ground, which ensures all diamonds used are free from conflict and ethically sourced.

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