Denise Booth Releases New Book Titled “Everything That Glitters” with Focus on Women Empowerment

Everything That Glitters excels as Denise’s way of showing women how she went past the typical setbacks women encounter to become who she is today

Women pushing to achieve their dreams and establish themselves in their society are sometimes met with challenges that need to be overcome. These challenges may be physical or emotional. Denise Booth takes readers on a journey through her experiences as a woman growing up in Las Vegas and how she surmounted the obstacles and hindrances that stand in the way of every woman.

The new book by Denise Booth entitled “Everything That Glitters” captures the struggles, fears, and triumphs of an ordinary woman — Denise Booth — who lived out what she believes is real. It can be tough to achieve success in today’s society. There are so many obstacles for women, especially against female entrepreneurs. However, Denise Booth is a living example that anything is possible when women don’t give up.

Denise had this to say in a recent interview “I have an exceptionally close relationship with God Jesus Christ he’s the head of my life and he is the reason why I am who I am today. That this was destined for me to go through my journey, I’m a combination of everything that happened to me good or bad But GOD Thank YOU JESUS!”

“It’s sad but true that women are taken for granted in our society. No matter how modern we think we have become or how much our world has evolved, this orthodox aspect is still intact and in play even in this era,” cited Denise Booth. “The reason that we are unable to eradicate the concept from our society is that we just don’t accept that it’s wrong. We keep finding ways to justify why women cannot stand equal in our society. To solve a problem, the very first step is realizing that there is one, and that’s the same step we all skip,” she added.

Everything That Glitters” is a story about strength, courage, and how Denise found the road to becoming who she is today, and all the successes she has achieved in her career. “I was just a woman who grew up in Las Vegas and watched the dark side of it consume lives. However, I broke the bonds that tied my life to that fate and built myself up,” Denise asserted.

The book is now available for purchase on Amazon.

About Denise Booth

Denise Booth is the former wife of boxing superstar, Antonio Tarver. She faced a lot of setbacks as a woman growing up in Las Vegas. In her new book, Denise sets herself as an example to other women to follow, depicting the possibility of achieving success regardless of the limitations and hindrances placed by the society.

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