The Power of Effective Business Signage in a Post-Covid World

Miami – June 24, 2021 – While no one has come out of Covid-19 unaffected, local brick-and-mortar businesses have felt the impacts like no other group. After closing their doors for up to a year, maybe more, many small businesses struggle with rebuilding the customer base they had worked so hard to attract. 

While reopenings are now widespread, mask mandates are ending, and people are itching to get back to life as they once knew it; how can businesses effectively recapture, even gain, market share in a world that is entirely different than it was 18 months ago?

Simple Signs Spread the Word

Let’s start with the basics. There is still a lot of uncertainty about which businesses are open, who is temporarily closed, and who has shut down for good. Simple signage elements can clearly and concisely let customers know what they can expect when approaching a business.

Banners, window signs, a-frames, and flag signs are high-impact tools for sharing the current status with the waiting public, letting them know that a business is ready to serve them again or that service will be returning soon.

Inexpensive and incredibly easy to install, these business signs are eye-catching and effective. A local Miami sign company can often produce and deliver these signs in short order, allowing a business to share the good news about reopening in as little as 24-48 hours.

Repair Your Signage to Reignite Interest

Letting people know that a business is open isn’t always enough to bring customers flooding back in, especially if the business signage is now in a state of disrepair due to extended neglect.

According to a FedEx survey, 68% of people believe that signage reflects the quality of the goods and services offered by a business. That means if the signage is in poor shape, over half of potential patrons may be deterred from shopping with that brand.

Reputable signage companies offer sign maintenance and repair, ensuring that all signage is in working order and effectively doing the job it was designed to do.

Revamp and Rebuild Your Storefront Signs


Looking for a more substantial change? Completely replacing storefront signage or elements of signage can help to ensure a brand’s message and value proposition are more easily seen and understood by those who are ready to start spending again.

Buyers are looking for brands they can trust and businesses that excite them. Storefront signage is the first step in building that trust and interest.

Whether it is updating current signs, reconsidering the messaging and layout of promotional signs, or adding new LED signs to capture more attention, a dedicated local sign company can help. They will provide on-site signage evaluations to determine how a business can benefit from additional signage, how current signage can be reconfigured or replaced to be more effective, or define a complete revamp of storefront signs to attract even more customers than before.

Trust an Experienced Signage Expert

The best way to ensure effective signage elements that will resonate with potential shoppers are in place is to work with a full-service local sign company.

Working with a Miami sign company means that a business has a partner who not only understands local signage regulations, they also understand the local market, can physically visit nearby locations to provide smart recommendations (often free of charge), and can quickly deliver and provide installation services to get more traffic flowing again, faster.

When waiting for customers to find their way back to a business simply isn’t an option, a local signage expert will be there with eye-catching and attractive sign and graphic solutions.

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