Theresa Retti Announces She’s Back Full Throttle with the Relaunch of Her Health Blog, “Living Well with Tess RN”

Living Well with Tess RN was closed temporarily due to personal reasons, but Theresa Retti is thrilled to announce its relaunch focusing on women above 35

Women over 35 desire to embrace a more holistic and functional approach to their health and wellness. This category of women experiences pre and post-menopausal struggles: both physically and emotionally. Their struggles often include hormonal imbalances, brain fog, depression, anxiety, weight loss resistance, gut health issues, loss of interest, empty nest syndrome, and uncertainties surrounding life’s purpose.

Theresa Retti hopes to help these women, and her desire sponsored the launch of Living Well with Tess RN. She has always sought ways to communicate her passion and the things she has learned to others. Her desire and passion sponsored the creation of Living Well with Tess RN, a health and wellness blog launched a couple of years ago. She had to shut it down due to personal reasons, but recently, she announced the blog would be up and running with loads of value-added tips, articles, courses, and coaching programs.

“I want to help and empower as many women as I can to take control of their wellness,” said Theresa. “Health is not something you do. It is something you are. If you can’t make time for your wellness, then you will be forced to find time for your illness,” she added.

As she is fondly called, Tess started Living Well with Tess RN as a hobby as she loved to write about the things she had learned. She studied natural remedies, nutrition, essential oils, etc., and this incited an interest in functional nutrition. Tess returned to school to study functional nutrition and also received her health and life coaching certification.

As a nurse, she was always interested in more natural ways to support health and wellness, and she wanted to help others through a different lens than conventional medicine does. The relaunch of her health and wellness blog focuses on assisting women above 35 to be healthy.

Together with the relaunch of her blog, Tess is also launching her Health Coaching Business with a “30 Day Boost Your Metabolism Challenge,” presented as an email course, as well as a “90 Day Weight Loss Breakthrough for Women,” which would be part of a group coaching package.

Also, Tess has provided an option for one-on-one coaching, which would help women nurture their health and wellness from the inside out while discovering their true authentic selves. The one-on-one session with Tess is free and can be accessed via

For other coaching programs and tips on health and wellness for women above 35, please visit

About Therese Retti (Tess)

Tess has been a Registered Nurse for 20 years and is a Certified Health and Life Coach. She specializes in functional nutrition and is an aromatherapy scholar. Tess helps women with chronic challenges, weight loss resistance, and hormone imbalances to regain their quality of life with lasting habits and lifestyle changes so that they can experience optimal health and vitality for years to come.

She uses transformational coaching methods, accompanied by a functional nutrition framework, to address symptoms while getting to the root cause. She does this by using a holistic paradigm approach, looking at all five areas of “holism,” which includes physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and mental.

To learn more about Tess and her work at Living Well with Tess RN, please visit

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