Global Sharing Platform for Big Data Language Services launched in Guiyang, China

Interview with Professor Lian Yuming, chief editor of Big Data Terminology and director of the Key Laboratory of Big Data Strategy

On May 28, the Global Sharing Platform for Big Data Language Services developed on the basis of Big Data Terminology (20 Volumes), the world’s first multilingual terminology series on the subject, was officially launched. This integrated knowledge service platform offers knowledge discovery and information retrieval services in the field of big data. It also serves as an international communication and collaboration platform for China Data Valley. By building a big data knowledge service system centering on the big data terminology project, it is designed to provide free big data knowledge services for people around the world, and thus promote the international dissemination and widespread application of the project outcomes.

The platform is yet another innovative milestone for the big data terminology project followingthe 11-language edition and the 20-volume edition of Big Data Terminology. It was developed by the Guiyang Big Data Development Administration in collaboration with Guiyang Innovation Driven Development Strategy Research Institute, Guiyang Academy of Information Technology, the National Committee for Terminology in Science and Technology, Shanghai Development Center of Computer Software Technology, and GTCOM under the guidance of the CPC Municipal Committee and Government of Guiyang.

The platform has a “1+6” structure. The former refers to the web portal and mobile application, and the latter means six multilingual smart sub-platforms: Big Data Terminology Cloud, Silk Road Big Data Terminology, Big Data Terminology Online, Big Data Terminology Guiyang Index, Big Data Terminology Library and Big Data Terminology Application. The platform’s web portal and mobile application, which are built on the basis of its database and serve global users, include such function modules as retrieval, sub-platform graphics, and a navigation bar.

The Big Data Terminology Cloud is the world’s first open-source data platform centered on the big data terminology project which offers multilingual service and interdisciplinary interactive editing. Supported by the big data terminology, audio database, knowledge base, and corpus, the platform has an interactive editing feature and provides convenient, accurate and timely multilingual knowledge services for the public, policy makers, researchers, and developers across the world.

Silk Road Big Data Terminology is a platform providing multilingual terminology services to users across the world, especially the countries along the Belt and Road. The platform provides terminology services in 11 languages, including Chinese, Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. It is a foundational project for data and cultural exchanges within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative. It provides users all over the world with convenient and accurate access to big data terms and knowledge, and promotes knowledge dissemination among people from different linguistic and geographical backgrounds.

Big Data Terminology Online is an authoritative knowledge service platform that hosts the Chinese terminology data in the largest quantity and of the highest quality in the field of big data. It provides researchers and other users with a wide range of knowledge services such as term search, management, extraction, tagging, and checking. It is positioned to become the most authoritative and professional big data terminology service platform in China.

Big Data Terminology Guiyang Index is a platform updating and publishing information on the global digital competitiveness index, big data development index, big data security index, law-based big data governance index, big data financial risk control index, and governance technology index via the Big Data Blue Paper and based on continuous research efforts. It offers visualization of information and data on the level of big data development in different regions by using visual elements like charts and graphs, and strives to present the grand picture of big data development in China and around the world.

Big Data Terminology Library mainly provides information on research literature in the fields related to big data, and develops tools such as semantic query, citation matching, and fuzzy search. It offers functions such as retrieval by statement, chapter, and book, and allows users to explore the semantic relationship between concepts. The content of research literature is displayed in the form of knowledge points for the convenience of users. The platform is designed to accelerate the global dissemination and application of big data knowledge.

Big Data Terminology Application is a global pool of cases of big data application in various fields. Through in-depth mining and multi-dimensional analysis of these cases, it explores the inherent connections between data, summarizes successful models, and effectively supports informed decision-making, precise governance, convenient commercial services, and efficient safety assurance. It thus provides strong support for big data application and development.

In the future, continuous efforts will be made in the following areas: enrich the innovative outcomes of the standards system of the big data terminology project, promote the international dissemination and application of the outcomes, and enhance China’s international influence in the field of big data and relevant rulemaking; advance research in big data terminology indexes to provide guidance for political, commercial, and civil applications of the indexes, increase the visibility of the Big Data Terminology Guiyang Index, and make it a well-recognized metric of the big data development; improve the long-term management and operation mechanism of the big data terminology platform where the accomplishments of the National Big Data (Guizhou) Comprehensive Pilot Zone and innovative outcomes of China Data Valley are displayed; and improve the Global Sharing Platform for Big Data Language Services, build a global communication discourse system for China Data Valley to increase the visibility and global influence of China Data Valley, and contribute to the global development of big data.

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