Dawn Publishing Releasing Sequel from Lauded Author Nath Brye

Christchurch, New Zealand – June 24, 2021 – Just seven months after the release of Slave Boy, International Publishing house, Dawn Publishing is releasing the second book in Nath Brye’s riveting “Democ’Chu” series, Blood Child. Pre-orders for Blood Child began on 11 June and the full book will be available for purchase on 25 June.

Less than a year after the release of his first book, Slave Boy, Brye stunned his audience by announcing his second novel to be released. Blood Child continues to follow the slaves of the fighting pits as they learn what life is following their escape. They need to navigate this new world they have suddenly found themselves in. How do they eat, earn money, make decisions? Do they stay together, or will internal power struggles tear them apart? Brye answers these questions for his readers as they delve into the world that he has painstakingly created.

Not only is Blood Child the second installment of his “Democ’Chu” series, but it also marks the second book that Brye has chosen to work on with Dawn Publishing. “Working with Dawn has been one hell of an enjoyable ride. To see my second book published in less than a year of working with her is more than I ever dreamed possible. She has helped me unlock something deep within me and given me the confidence to follow my dream of becoming a successful author”.

Leaving his career as an actor to pursue his passion as a writer, Brye began writing his series during the long months of isolation during the COVID-19 Pandemic. After writing Book One, Slave Boy, Brye has not looked back; he began to build the world he had in his mind and to fill that world with characters. Already a third of the way through the third installment of “Democ’Chu” series, Brye continues to ensnare the minds of his readers with his writing as he continues to develop the world and characters within.

Reserve a copy of Blood Child on amazon.com or check out https://dawnbates.com/nathbrye for more information.

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