Unsilenced Voices Hosting Fundraiser to Spread Life-Saving Domestic Violence Awareness

Studio City, CA, USA – June 24, 2021 – Michelle Jewsbury, founder and CEO of Unsilenced voices, is hosting their summer fundraiser to raise money for their National Domestic Violence Awareness Tour. The fundraiser will take place on July 22, 2021 at the Bears Best Country Club in Las Vegas, NV. The tour can positively impact hundreds of thousands of people and give them the courage to leave their abusive situations.

Unsilenced Voices is a non-profit devoted to raising awareness of domestic violence, human trafficking, and helping people escape life-threatening situations. Serving an international community of women and children, Unsilenced Voices helps lift people out of the darkness and light.

The National Domestic Violence Awareness Tour will launch in 2022 with a mission to ensure the safety of hundreds of thousands of people who are daily impacted by domestic violence. During the tour, people will hear real stories from survivors and will help people understand that these issues can have deadly consequences. Domestic violence is more than gender discrimination, and this tour aims to increase awareness about domestic violence and human trafficking in the USA.

To make the National Domestic Violence Awareness Tour a reality, Unsilenced Voices aims to raise $60,000 at their fundraiser on July 22. Tickets are only $39 and will include lunch, a fantastic opportunity to network, and late afternoon cocktails. There will be celebrity guest appearances by the real life Jerry Maguire, Leigh Steinberg and Sean Callgy of Unblinded. All proceeds from the event will go directly to the National Domestic Violence Awareness Tour in 2022. Everyone has the opportunity and the capability to make a difference, and now everyone can raise their voices in unison to change people’s lives forever.

RSVP TODAY for Hope, Love, Unity: Stop the Separation at bit.ly/unityunsilencedvoices or donate to Unsilenced Voices.

About Unsilenced Voices

Unsilenced Voices was founded by survivor, Michelle Jewsbury in 2017. The organization currently operates in Ghana, Sierra Leone and Rwanda where they work with partners to implement shelters, sensitization programs, legal assistance, vocational training, medical and counseling to victims of domestic abuse and gender based violence. They are developing essential partners to serve the USA in 2022.

Visit www.unsilencedvoices.org.

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