Ronald L. Besser’s latest book presenting insights on AIDS and AUTISM now available for purchase

Ronald L. Besser has unveiled to the public his latest book, “The Origins of AIDS and Autism,” which presents compelling insights on AIDS and other diseases, their origins, effects, and potential treatments.

The book is a unique presentation of ideas and insights from a retired civil engineer specialist that examines several diseases, their effects on humankind and the world, and potential treatments to eradicate them from society forever.

Besser is a retired executive administrator for civil engineering firms who graduated from York College. Upon retiring, he began writing words from medical doctors from spirit to mind, which started in July 1988 and continues today.

Besser first learned to scribe from the celestial archives decades ago. In a revelatory presentation inspired by his ability to connect to medical professionals beyond the realm of Earth, he offers many unique insights into our history and medical conditions as our world continues to battle deadly contagions and a pandemic.

“This piece is timely, especially as the world today grapples with a deadly pandemic. You have countries closing borders and racing against the clock to produce vaccines that would put an end to the global health crisis,” Besser said.

Within easy-to-read text shared for the intelligent layman and those wishing to live a natural existence, Besser begins by exploring the start of AIDS, how it took millions of lives globally, and its treatments. It then examines the definition of autism.

Included in the book are his insights on a sure-fire treatment for Alzheimer’s disease that can be managed at home, how the brain colludes in the fetus to cause autism, and why all vaccines must have clinical trials before being distributed to the public.

“The book tackles important issues regarding pressing health issues and explores the need to develop measures to tackle deadly diseases. However, safety always comes first. Experts should not cut corners. In the development of vaccines, for instance, testing medicines sans taking the time to get a full grasp of all safety risks could cause unwarranted setbacks,” says Besser.

Currently 79 years old, Besser pursues ways to heal serious diseases for the benefit of all humankind while bent on completing more books in the future.

Currently residing in Pennsylvania, Besser enjoys writing and studying history, both past and present. 

Those interested to buy “The Origins of AIDS and Autism” can purchase it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble

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