Getting Fit From The Comfort Of Home With Virtual Personal Training

Confinement, social distancing and working from home are all factors that can work against Toronto citizens’ ability to get to the gym or play sports on a regular basis. Throw in family commitments and other aspects of daily life, and some regular fitness can be the first thing to be missed out.

Some people have even tried working out at home. Home gym equipment has become more affordable, and is available for all kinds of spaces from dedicated gym rooms to the smallest corner of another room.

However, even then, finding the motivation and discipline to pound the treadmill or ride the stationary bike to nowhere can mean procrastination techniques are deployed more often than not.

Virtual personal training can be an ideal compromise. With the discipline and structure of a pre-prepared fitness routine individually tailored to an individual’s needs, fitness goals can be achieved from the comfort of home.

A spokesman for Toronto-based First Class Personal Training said his firm’s solutions had brought out the best of people in home workouts. “Many of our customers have the best intentions to workout from home, but there are many distractions that get in their way”, he told us. “By telling us their fitness and workout goals, we can design a specifically built plan to help them achieve what they want to. This can be anything from a general improvement in fitness levels to specific goals such as strength or cardio objectives”.

The concept of a workout from home is the best of both worlds for some people. This is achieved through combining the convenience and comfort of home with the motivation and structure of a professionally designed program.

The spokesman continued. “At the beginning, we sit down virtually with our clients and run through exactly what they want to achieve, and how much time they have to work with on a weekly basis. From there we build in a nutrition plan, resistance training, cardio work and some flexibility. Each session lasts for an hour, and is conducted by one of our professionally accredited personal trainers.”

First Class Personal Training also offer the choice between Skype or Zoom classes depending on their clients’ preference and setup. “Our mantra is all about being as convenient as possible for our clients, and helping them fit exercise into their busy schedules. Although it may sound easy to fit a workout into a work from home routine, the reality is not so straightforward. We do anything we can do to help our customers get setup and stick to their routine.”

Getting positive workout results when working from home may seem like a pipe dream. But with some simple equipment, a little space and an internet connection, First Class Personal Training work with their customers to make it possible. During a short initial consultation and fitness assessment session, current diet and goals are established according to the customer’s health and goals. From there, the customer is provided with a fully-tailored program to work them through their fitness journey from home!

About First Class Personal Training

First Class Personal Training is a Toronto-based virtual fitness company. From the comfort of their own homes, customers can benefit from a tailored workout and diet program to cover all aspects of their fitness. A short fitness test is conducted at the start of the process, and the training is conducted during 60-minute sessions each week.  

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