Clodesun’s Solar Lights Illuminate an Increasingly Green World

Climate change issues are increasingly on the agenda of individuals, businesses and governments worldwide. Many people are looking for ways in which they can continue to live the lives that they have, but in environmentally sustainable ways that protect the planet.

In just 8 years, Clodesun, based in the Shenzhen region of China, has become a leading developer and manufacturer of All-in-one solar streetlight for governments and individual customers worldwide, with 280 patents and over 500 installations in place, manufacturing their own products to numerous internationally accepted and rigorous standards.

“We have seen” said a spokesperson from Clodesun “a huge shift in governments wanting to install solar lighting for their new outdoor lighting projects. Governments are looking for ways to save money from increasingly tight budgets, but also proving that they have sustainable credentials in their building projects”.

The spokesperson continued, “solar lighting is a cost-effective and energy efficient way for governments, businesses and individuals who are conscious of the costs of their installations and their impact on the environment. Drawing on the power of the sun and Mother Nature to provide lighting protects the natural resources of the environment and reduces pollution. Knowing that your lighting draws its power from solar energy provides you with reassurance that you are playing your part in protecting the earth, with no effect on the quality of the lighting provided”.

“Our products can be installed nearly anywhere – on a highway or street, a car park or public park, a billboard, advertising hoarding or playground – with the range of products available meaning that we can fulfil any customer needs, from an individual customer wanting to light their home through to a government wanting to light a whole town or city” the spokesperson declared.

Partnership in German design in a new foldable solar light and the DiaLUX simulation technology means that customers can have confidence in the research, design and engineering of their product, as well knowing what the final result will look like before completion.

As a designer and manufacturer, Clodesun are able to produce a high number of units to demand with exceptional quality, and with a 5-year guarantee for their products, longer than is common in the industry.

About Clodesun

Clodesun, part of CLODE Optoelectric Co., Ltd, are a recent newcomer to the solar light industry but in less than 10 years have sold their products to over 100 countries throughout the world. Based in Shenzhen, China, they focus not only on sales but also on research and development that enables them to produce high quality solar lights for almost any installation need, whilst becoming the leading brand in China. Clodesun’s patents and knowledge mean that they are the perfect fit for any solar light installation.

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