Scooch Debuts Products to the eCommerce World after Nearly Closing Its Doors

Scooch offers hyper-functional phone accessories to help phone users get more from their devices.

June 24, 2021 – When Covid-19 struck in early 2020 – and other companies were struggling with closed-down retail stores – Scooch faced adversity. And with a stroke of bad fortune turned good, the Scooch Brand was introduced to customers globally.

After 5 years of selling exclusively in 6,000 brick and mortar locations, Scooch has fully transformed into an eCommerce company. Here’s how it happened:

In late 2019, an industry merger forced Scooch to rethink the best way to reach customers. When Sprint and T-Mobile merged, Scooch was not in T-Mobile stores, but was in over 3,000 Sprint stores. The problem? T-Mobile took over those Sprint stores and chose to go with their own product lineup and not with Sprint’s lineup. Scooch was out. At first this felt like a deathblow to the Indiana-based phone accessories company.

But it was a blessing in disguise and many lessons were learned as the retail world shifted in real-time. This merger forced an immediate shift in strategy to an online-only model. For Scooch’s cult following, this meant greater access to all products from one touchpoint – The picture became clear: adapt or perish. Sales climbed and the Scooch brand not only survived but began thriving.

So Scooch went all-in with an online-only model. Gone were the days of selling in stores: Scooch became a 100% eCommerce brand within weeks. So when Covid-19 struck months later, Scooch was positioned for eCommerce success. And now Scooch’s products, with all their patents and products, can be delivered anywhere in the world within days.

About Scooch

In 2015, Scooch was founded on the fundamental principle that your phone case should do more: protection + functionality with visual appeal.

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