Invigo Coffee Is A Canadian-Based Manufacturer Of Delicious Coffee Pods

It may be easy to forget when sitting down to enjoy a well-earned break, but coffee is all about the little details. From coffee bean to cup, each small step is vital to ensure the freshest taste.

Making the change to reusable coffee pods at home or work is a great way of preserving optimal freshness in every cup. Not only that, but reusable coffee pods are good for the environment and for the bank balance. However, one confusing feature can be figuring out the grind size for coffee pods.

Coffee grind is the ‘secret sauce’ of getting the best cup of coffee. In simple terms it is how small the coffee beans are ground down, and how they pass through the grinder.

“The smallest grind does not always produce the best coffee – it is about getting the grind size just right”, an Invigo Coffee spokesperson told us. “If beans are ground too finely, they are simply overcome by the water. This reduces the taste and richness of the coffee by the time it reaches the cup. It is essential to get this right, along with the temperature of the water and the weight of the coffee.”

Getting the grind size right is easily do-able at home – it just needs some care and attention in order to get optimal taste and aroma. “If the grind is too large, the water passes through too easily without being able to bring all the delicious flavours with it. If the grind is too small, you will pick up some unsavoury flavours during processing which makes for a bitter cup of coffee. Somewhere in the middle is perfect.”

There is still a difference between knowing the theory of coffee grinding and getting it right in practice. The flavour of coffee is all about the surface area of the beans during the brewing process. The amount of time brewing time for coffee will dictate how fine the grind needs to be.

“Too long brewing cycles mean the coffee can have a bitter taste. Too short, and the taste can be watery and quite bland. You need to find the perfect blend that works for you”, he continued. “There are seven sizes of coffee grinds ranging from extra-coarse (the largest pieces) to super-fine (the smallest pieces). For coffee pods, fine grounds are always most effective.”

When grinding coffee, it is also important to factor in your machine. One of the best all-rounders that all coffee machines can produce a delicious end-product from is medium-fine coffee grounds. This ground is also perfect for reusable coffee pods.

“Filling the pod right up and packing it down is the trick to getting the best taste. The main thing though is for customers to experiment with different grounds. Doing so can be fun, and they often find a particular blend they had no idea they would like. At Invigo we have a lot of experience to call on, but when you are in a hurry in the morning it can simply be a case of using a medium-fine to get out of the door!”.

About Invigo Coffee

Invigo Coffee is a Canadian-based manufacturer of delicious coffee pods. Invigo offer a range of flavoured  Nespresso-compatible pods for all tastes. These are designed to combine maximum convenience with the best possible freshness and taste for busy Canadians. The pods come in a choice of five flavours and are available to order online.

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