Cartier Banks, Founder of Code White Teeth Whitening, Geared Up To Launch a Franchise Opportunity

Cartier Banks, Founder of Code White Teeth Whitening, Geared Up To Launch a Franchise Opportunity
After several successful years of Code White Teeth Whitening opening its doors, founder Cartier Banks has decided to expand the business by launching a franchise opportunity for interested entrepreneurs. The premier teeth whitening clinic in Edina, MN, offers a number of services and has launched new products like take-home kits, charcoal toothpaste, charcoal power, and electric toothbrushes to facilitate its customers.

Dental clinics have been a staple of the healthcare industry for decades, with a considerable focus on cosmetic procedures as people become more conscious about their physical condition. But there’s still a lack of brand clinics that focus exclusively on teeth whitening — and that’s where Code White Teeth Whitening comes in. Established by Cartier Banks, Code White is a #1 teeth whitening clinic located in Edina, MN. When customers want professional teeth whitening that won’t damage tooth enamel or irritate sensitive gums, they come to Code White Smiles for natural-looking results that will last.

The face behind Code White Smile, Cartier Banks, is a self-made man who built his empire from scratch. Cartier is the true definition of an entrepreneur — someone who refuses to accept failure as an option and will do everything in their power to achieve goals no matter how difficult or improbable they may seem. He can vividly recall his early days as a young boy pumping gas at gas stations to possibly earn a tip. However, his out-of-the-box thinking, determination to succeed, and incredible entrepreneurial skills led him to expand into other industries. Today, he owns and oversees several ventures in e-commerce, trading, supply chain, forex & network marketing that have put him on the map.

Cartier believes in giving back to the community by helping people achieve financial wellness. Therefore Code White Teeth Whitening, along with providing a range of teeth whitening services, offers professional and personalized training courses for aspiring entrepreneurs throughout the US, Canada, and Australia to start teeth whitening new business. In addition, the company provides online certification as well as in-spa training sessions that allow customers to gain an in-depth understanding of the teeth whitening process. Customers can also purchase high-quality products and supplies at wholesale prices.

Teeth whitening is not just a cosmetic procedure — it is a business. At Code White Teeth Whitening, the seasoned trainers and technicians equip the clients with the knowledge and skills needed to whiten teeth, keep patients happy, and ensure that the customers come back in the future. In addition, the company holds multiple business training classes aimed at teaching how to build strong relationships with customers, build a brand, schedule appointments in a better way to keep customers happy, and strengthen the new business.

The teeth whitening clinic in Edina, Minnesota offers different onetime packages, membership, group packages with incredible discounts, and mobile sessions for clients within the tristate area MN, Saint Paul & south of the river. To know more about the services, FAQs, book a session, obtain the recently launched product line, and visit Code White Smiles Teeth Whitening




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