Leading Holistic Nutritionist Taylor Plunk offering Online coaching program for a Total Body Transformation

Registered Nurse and Certified Holistic Nutritionist Taylor Plunk’s Transformation Coaching program focuses on developing holistic mindfulness to help attain healthy weight loss and mental health and complete body transformation.

Arizona – June 25, 2021 – Women struggling with weight issues despite stringent dieting programs can finally heave a breath of relief. Leading Certified Holistic Nutritionist Taylor Plunk is offering a 12-week Transformation Coaching Program which will help women to lose weight and attain wholesome physical and mental wellness yet without restrictive meal plans and overtly hardcore exercises. It’s a 1-on-1 online coaching program based on proven holistic strategies that Taylor herself has followed on her successful weight loss and total body transformation journey. 

Plunk also offers her valuable holistic fitness resources on her social media profile through free tips, nutrition education, meal plan guides, meditation guides and workout routines. She is active daily on Instagram sharing tips, tricks, meal inspiration, meditations, positivity and more.

What separates Taylor’s approach from regular weight-loss programs is that it aims to transform the mindset as well as reprogram both the body and mind to attain holistic mindfulness and eventually sustainable whole body wellness. 

“Traditional diets & weight loss programs generally follow very stringent measures like restrictive meal plans and  unrealistic exercise patterns which might offer a temporary fix but do not work in the long run. Worse, those fad diets, pills or supplements as prescribed by these programs can cause horrific side effects, leaving people frustrated. As a result, people again go back to their unhealthy lifestyle after a few days and start gaining weight. Research shows that conventional weight loss programs often lead to low self-esteem, anxiety, & depression & more weight gain. The problem is, these regular programs don’t ever get to the root cause of the problem and hence can’t offer sustainable results. This is where my signature and proven holistic transformation program comes to help”, stated Plunk. 

Speaking on, Plunk stressed that losing weight and gaining optimal health isn’t just about eating healthy and including more fruit & vegetables or changing one’s diet completely. Rather, it’s about addressing all the angles since every single aspect of life is connected and individually influences both physical and mental wellness.  

Added to being a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Taylor has also been a Registered Nurse and has worked with patients as a staff nurse for years. Her professional experience in the medical field has helped her to glean deeper insights into the intimate inter-dynamics between nutrition, lifestyle, environment and illness and disease. 

“When you aim to attain that dream body, you should not just focus on a crash diet – rather, you have to assess every single thing that impacts your life. These include your emotional, mental & spiritual dynamics as well as your relationships, your job, your identity, beliefs, values, self-love, and relationship with yourself. If any single one of those is out of balance, it can cause disturbances for both your physical and mental wellness. And, this is what my Holistic Services are all about. My program takes into account every single aspect of life and reprograms your body and mind accordingly to help you attain the best version of yourself with sustainable success.”

The 12-week 1:1 Transformation Program includes:

  • A step by step roadmap to losing weight and keeping it off for good that supports overall health and becoming your best self
  • 12-weeks of “delicious” and “nutritious” weight loss meal plans, covering 300+ recipes (with grocery list)
  • Proven mindset work and mental strategies for sustainable results, such as guided medications, journal prompts, weekly affirmations for becoming the best self and so on
  • Workout Guide (At-home workouts and gym routines available)
  • Support through text/email- phone calls or private zoom meetings available upon request
  • Lifetime access to the program
  • And so much more!

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