Spiritual leader Raju Ramanathan brings helpful guide to awaken chakras and use meditation in his book “Souls from Mercury”

Spiritual leader Raju Ramanathan has brought profound and powerful ideas to help people achieve inner happiness through his book “Souls from Mercury,” where he creates a roadmap of awakening chakras and using meditation in pursuit of wisdom.

“Souls from Mercury’ is a helpful guide for spiritual seekers as well as those searching for healing, contentment, and healthier relationships,” says Master Raju, a name he is popularly known. 

Master Raju is a scientist of both the inner and the outer worlds and is sought after by major corporations to be their pioneer and champion for continuous improvements. He has also been among the top spiritual leaders whom people in great positions of authority turn to for life coaching.

In the book, Master Raju explains how Charles Darwin pointed out that the future evolution of mankind cannot happen through the continuation of the “survival of fittest” ideology. It lies in the courage to stand up like the first animal did and move in a vertical dimension, whereas developing kindness, compassion, and empathy are the hallmark of evolution and truly an inward revolution.  

Master Raju believes this goal can be achieved by delving deeper into ourselves through the simple process of meditation and mindfulness.

“One of the things that we should address is bringing the self-esteem in the people in their own eyes,” says Master Raju.

Readers will learn the pathway to their inner vastness, such as Samadhi, Enlightenment, or the “Mercury space,” as well as gain answers to becoming “Souls From Mercury.”

One review pointed out how the book reads like encouragement from a wise mother to her beloved children.  

In the first half of the book, Master Raju explains the chakra energy system. He illustrates the psychic energy of each chakra with an eclectic synthesis of verses from the bible, ancient yogic texts, and other eastern and new age philosophies. The exposition is helpful and fascinating, as is Master Raju’s ability to convey what could be called ‘universal love.’  

Master Raju explains in an understandable and easy-to-follow manner, especially for a reader who is not conversant with chakras or similar spiritual terms.

Master Raju suggests practical ways to experience the unique energies while coaching readers on navigating and pulling through with their “inner” roadblocks. 

Meanwhile, the second half of the book reinforces this point but from the vantage point of Master Raju’s students.  

Their stories give an in-depth take at the varied ways Master Raju and his modes of teaching have supported them in their journeys. 

“The authenticity of the experiences seeks to touch each reader’s heart. It seeks to provide spiritual wisdom that speaks directly to the heart,” Master Raju said. 

Those who want to start their transformative journey can purchase the book at AmazonBarnes and Noble, and Book Depository

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