Abbas Rizvi Photography Creating Iconic Images through the Lenses

Abbas Rizvi Photography Creating Iconic Images through the Lenses

America is a land of dreams where every dream is valid, and the pursuit of every dream takes place on a level playing field. One man that is the epitome of dreams becoming a reality is photographer Abbas Rizvi, the Founder and CEO of Abbas Rizvi Photography, a highly sought-after photography studio company.

Photography began for Abbas Rizvi professionally in 2011 when he started working for a photography studio in his home city of Chicago. A few years later, he had honed his skills and decided to expand his creativity and services through his own business. There and then, Abbas Rizvi Photography was born! Although he has remained and operated out of Chicago, his reach and clientele stretch across the United States and beyond. And for Abbas, photography is more than just a job for him; it is a passion and a journey into exploring the soul.

Abbas has created an iconic brand and image for himself in a career spanning close to a decade. Today, he is one of the most recognized photographers and videographers globally, thanks to the enviable reputation he has built for himself. Abbas indeed is the living representation of carving a niche for himself. As a result of his exceptional services, Abbas has rendered photography services to clients across the continent, including cities such a New York, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta in the United States and Canada. He has also done shoots in Pakistan, Poland and Italy, to mention a few.

Testament to his creativity and the level of expertise that goes into each Abbas Rizvi image, Abbas boasts over 16,000 followers on Facebook and nearly 70,000 on Instagram, which are desirable numbers for a photographer. When the pandemic hit, Abbas used his social media to raise funds and donations for the worst-hit communities of underserved and underprivileged people, thereby creating a brand other than the photography he is popularly known for.

Abbas does not just focus on shooting weddings or events; as a skilled photographer who knows his onions, he is also a highly talented portrait and commercial photographer who has worked with models and celebrities across the globe to build their profiles. And his work has appeared in multiple magazines and media outlets of international repute across the United States. Among the list of people he has also worked with includes famous Pakistani actress Armeena Khan, Bilal Abbas Khan and Atif Aslam, to mention a few.

Having been there and made a name for himself as one of the most in-demand photographers globally, Abbas hopes that he would have successfully transitioned into making movies and short films in five years.

Abbas is a definition of creativity and knowledge rolled into one. He is dedicated to creating beautiful images that perfectly capture the moments and tell his clients’ stories. Simply put, Abbas is not just a photographer; he is a shining example to his fellow photographers.

To book a session with Abbas Rizvi or view some of his images and photographs, follow his Instagram and Facebook Page.

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