WeAdmit’s 2021 College Counseling Programs Guide Students to Their Perfect-Fit College

WeAdmit college admissions programs explore career plans, college majors, and financial aid in helping students get accepted to their dream school.

With the 2020-2021 academic year drawing to a close, the WeAdmit team of college counselors is preparing for this summer’s wave of college applicants. WeAdmit provides college counseling to students and their parents, harnessing a nationwide network of experienced counselors to guide students through the college application process. For 2021, WeAdmit will be offering three levels of programming.

WeAdmit’s programs range from groups that meet in virtual classroom sessions to individualized “start-to-finish” coaching from a team of counselors. Students are helped with assessing their future plans, choosing a school, crafting their applications and essays, as well as interview coaching and financial aid strategies. WeAdmit’s mission is to guide students down the path to their ideal college: one that suits their passions, long-term goals, and ensures their future success.

The National Association for College Admission Counseling reports that the total number of college applicants to U.S. universities increases by six percent each year. At the same time, the number of college counselors working at American high schools is falling, with each counselor responsible for 455 students, on average. Increased competition and insufficient support from secondary schools has created a need for professional college counselors who understand the college admissions process. WeAdmit’s network of admissions experts is perfectly suited to fill that role.

Students or parents interested in learning more about how WeAdmit can help them get into their perfect-fit college can find information on their 2021 programs here: https://www.weadmit.com/programs

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