Basement Renovations – How they Can Add Value to a Property

Making the decision to have a basement renovation is a big step. The thought of coordinating designers, builders, electricians, plumbers and any other resources you may need is a daunting prospect.

That is where using a specialist ‘one stop shop’ can help, and provide a single source of expertise to guide the project from inception to completion. We spoke to Concord, ON-based Basement Finishing Company to understand more about basement renovations and how to get the most from them.

“Getting a basement renovated can do wonders for a home or investment property”, a spokesman from the specialist firm told us. “Unfortunately, many people simply never get round to it because the task seems too daunting or expensive. With the right partner, neither are the case and you can transform a redundant or under-used part of a home into some valuable extra living space.”

“The big difference our customers see from working with specialists such as ourselves is the end-to-end commitment for budgeting, designing, delivering and completing the project. Instead of trying to juggle different components of the project themselves, we take care of everything.”

As well as saving time and money, this approach can provide a number of benefits and peace of mind for Toronto property owners. “Knowing your basement renovation company has fully comprehensive insurance is vital. Basements can contain a few hidden surprises from time to time, so having full cover in place is essential. Also look for full warranties both on the works that are carried out but also on the products such as flooring and finishing”.

“We also take pride in the fact all our team are fully trained, licensed and certified in what they do. This ensures the best possible standards, and no hiccups such as hidden damp or mold problems which can often occur with less experienced workers.”

Basement renovations also present property owners with an exciting challenge. Unlike improvements to existing rooms or spaces, basement renovations are a completely blank canvas. “Deciding how you want to transform your basement is a great project to take on. Whether you need some more study space, a bedroom for a new baby, a home gym, or a combination of the above, we can realize this for you.”

“With our experience in delivering all kinds of basement renovations across the GTA, we can turn dark, dingy basements into anything from home cinema rooms to extra utility space. One of our clients biggest regrets with basement renovations is not having them done sooner”.

With property prices rising and city space at a premium, Toronto residents can often find it difficult to upsize or add new value to existing properties. Basement renovations present the perfect solution to this, since no additional space is needed, and construction permits are not required. “Alongside attics, basements are often redundant space used only to store old tools, bikes or old junk. Using this space and bringing it into the mainstream of your home can transform your property in ways you may not have thought possible”.

About Basement Finishing Company

Basement Finishing Company are a Concord, ON-based specialist for turning basements from redundant space to brand new, valuable additions to homes. With free consultation sessions and fully insured work, Basement Finishing Company provides complete peace of mind to GTA property owners. Full warranty is also offered to cover all aspects of basement renovations from work to finishings.

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