iProdoos Reboots Entertainment With Crowdfunding-Based Platform Connecting Content Creators and Fans

For the first time ever, fans can choose the content they want to see come to life… and earn revenue.

The iProdoos platform is rebooting entertainment for people all over the world with a much needed, refreshing, and game changing streaming platform that’s aiming to change the world as people know it.

At the core of the iProdoos platform is a simple mission: to bring together content creators and fans in a way that’s never been seen before to revolutionize the entertainment industry.

Imagine Netflix, Kickstarter, and Facebook combined into one platform. A platform where users can crowdfund an exciting new show, watch that show, then share and talk about it all in the same place. For the first time ever, fans can choose the content they want to see come to life and actually earn revenue from each project they fund.

They can even participate in special events no other platform can provide, such as meeting the cast, behind the scenes access, exclusive merchandise, and more.

“It’s a powerful concept bridging creators and fans directly around the world in a nano second, affording both to earn revenue from what they fund, create, and watch,” said the team at iProdoos. “That’s never been done before.”

Content creators will be able to receive funding from fans, while fans will have fully immersive journeys throughout the whole production process. iProdoos connects the gap between creators and fans in a beautiful win-win solution. Also groundbreaking is that Creators get to own their own IP, potentially earn more revenue than possible before on all revenue streams and have greater creative control which makes iProdoos a maverick in this space.

From a business perspective, iProdoos solves four key elements within the entertainment industry: it helps shows and movies get directly funded, provides a seamless online global distribution channel, organically gathers an audience to offset production costs, and includes fans throughout the process from beginning all the way to potentially substantial revenue share.

When interviewing users of iProdoos, the feedback has been very positive. “It’s game over to think you can choose the content you want to watch and to have that made for you, instead of wasting time endlessly looking for something to watch in a sea of too much content that isn’t engaging or relevant to me.”

Right now, fans and content creators can sign up. More information can be found now at https://iprodoos.com/.

About iProdoos

The iProdoos platform connects fans and content creators with a funding platform that lets fans pick the content they want to see come to life… and earn revenue.

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