Kick Off the Gardening Season 2021 with Sarah Funk’s ‘The Garden Plan’, an All Comprehensive, Automatic Planting Calculator

Planning for the next garden season is now made simple with The Garden Plan. This planner is designed to help the homely gardener save time while yielding beautiful results by the end of the season. The Garden Plan is an online planting calculator that plans everything a gardener needs to tend a beautiful garden.

The reality of gardening, when it comes to figuring out a planting date, is a bit messier than my Instagram profile would lead one to believe. At the end of the day, all of the blood, sweat, and spreadsheets left me discouraged. I soon realized I was looking at it all wrong. I didn’t need to spend more time imagining what I wanted to happen, I needed help. That’s when I came up with a method that does the hard work for me”, says the woman behind The Garden Plan, Sarah Funk.

Drawing from experience, Sarah came up with a comprehensive planning system that is completely automatic. This instructive step-by-step planner is for those who need more guidance than the back of a product has to offer. Some of the primary features include an automatic planting calculator, pre-filled seed stats and a personal project planner.

The Garden Plan’s Automatic Planting Calculator does all the planning and calculating for the gardener. It provides all the right dates for planting and saves time in the bargain. The pre-filled seed stats hold data to 145 seed varieties and their necessary planting dates. Being able to customize the plan allows the gardener to adjust the plans according to preference and convenience. Bonuses include a weekly and monthly checklist and a custom printable 2021 calendar.

“No more scrolling through endless books. The Garden Plan comes with over a hundred varieties and their data pre-programmed. But everyone knows there are more things than that that we all should be growing. If you want new varieties added, simply submit a form and we’ll get you set up and growing”, says a spokesperson for The Garden Plan.

“Sarah Funk, thank you. Just to let you know, I would have paid at least twice as much for the flower assistant. As a flower farmer, all the thinking is done for me. Just like that, I transferred the info into my diary so I can match it with flower orders etc. Best farm tool I’ve bought”, says a happy customer, Penelope de Boer.

With the amazing garden planner comes a concrete plan, an app and a huge amount of time saved. If not 100% satisfied with the Garden Plan after 14 days, Sarah offers buyers a full refund. Sarah Funk is the creator of The Garden Plan. She is a flower farmer, florist and author who is all about creating a tool that makes growing a garden easy and fun.

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