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An Exclusive Chat – Swedish Singer Songwriter Josefine drops WEEKENDS

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An Exclusive Chat – Swedish Singer Songwriter Josefine drops WEEKENDS

July 09
04:51 2021
An Exclusive Chat - Swedish Singer Songwriter Josefine drops WEEKENDS

The young musician hailing from Sweden recently dropped her newest release “WEEKENDS”, Just after a few day’s,It got stated by yahoo as “TRACK OF THE WEEK” in 3 different countries. With tracks like “DREAMIN’” and “LET IT GO”, she has quickly become the newest hot entry into the music scene. Here are 5 questions we spoke to her which enable you as a reader to understand better behind her mindset while creating hit songs just like “Weekends”.

1). Tell us a bit about your childhood growing up to being a music fanatic –

Growing up I was surrounded my music every day. Me and my sisters had our parents fullest support for anything creative outside of school and in my case this was piano lessons, gospel choir, private singing lessons, dance etc. I believe that’s the reason to why I am doing what I do today. I would put together live performances at my parents dinner parties, snuck out of school to lip sync in the mirror to my favourite songs and dream to one day be living that dream. I am so thankful my parents always supported and pushed me to live out my dreams to the fullest with no boundaries.

2). Recently yahoo stated your track as “TRACK OF THE WEEK”, how does that that make you feel? Knowing your music is being loved around world?

It feels absolutely amazing! I work so hard to write and release songs that I love and to hear other people love them too is HUGE. That is what really keeps me going. 

3). Spotify has been integral to your growth , what other platform has been essential to your growth ? What is your key strategy before a release on these platforms?

Any social media platform is essential for growth. I love to connect with my fans and the easiest way to do so is on Instagram for example. I try to answer every message I get. I wish to someday go on tour and meet everyone in person!

4). What would you like to say to inspiring musicians who want to become the next “JOSEFINE”?

Don’t be another “JOSEFINE”, be the first “YOU”. What make your stand out from the rest? Is it your look, your voice, your style of writing? Try to always stay true to who you want to be as an artist and don’t let people speak for you.

5). Talk to the fox readers about what impact covid has had on your music plans? And throw a little motivation to the readers as well

The pandemic hit everyone hard and it really impacted how I work since I can’t always be in the studio or travel to promote. I have focused on doing much more recordings remote nowadays, especially when most of the people I write and produce with are located in a different continent. But we made it work. This past year has taught me to value what I have and how I can work smarter using technology so I can release music despite a global pandemic or being stuck on the other side of the world.

Also after a year like 2020 I am so excited to start planing live shows and tours. I cannot wait to get to hug each and everyone soon!

We rate her single a solid 8/10. Coming from a humble background Josefine stands a symbol for everyone who wishes to be a star in the field of music creation. She along with her team has set an example of how handwork gets you closer to your dreams. We wish her the very best for her upcoming releases.

Follow Josefine music journey at – (Instagram) @josefinemymusic.

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