Maryland based Elite AccountMate business partner AIS empowering businesses to scale up post COVID with industry leading ERP solution, assures 2-3x ROI

AIS provides fully customizable ERP solutions that help professional services & custom manufacturing companies adapt their business to new changes in the post-pandemic era.

Baltimore – September 01, 2021 – The pandemic era has brought a paradigm shift in the business world. While some businesses had to close doors, many custom services & manufacturing companies have grown significantly over the COVID-19 period and now need to upgrade their software to accommodate the changing times. Unfortunately, the generic cloud-based software programs can’t fully support the needed flexibility to scale up as per the fast-altering market demands. However, Analysis & Information Services is extending promising solutions here, with an incredibly flexible ERP and Accounting solution that has been intelligently designed to empower businesses with unlimited growth and 2-3x ROI. 

AIS is an Elite AccountMate business partner with over 30 years of experience. Since 1989, the company has tailored around 1560 functionalities to custom-fit the various specified needs of their users. 

“As we are approaching the post-pandemic era, it’s about time for custom services & manufacturing companies to upgrade their software systems in sync with expanding needs. But often, these businesses are forced to choose from insecure cloud-based software products that simply don’t allow them to scale up in time to meet their specific business objectives or systems that allow customization at very high costs. This is where AIS comes to help.”, stated Mark Hambleton, the founder and Head Developer of AIS. 

“We have been an Elite AccountMate solution provider for more than 3 decades now. Backed by the industry leading infrastructure of Microsoft SQL, we support custom services & manufacturing companies with cutting-edge micro-customizable ERP solutions that can assure unlimited growth for their businesses. Unlike most software products, our software facilitates full ownership for the businesses and guarantees much higher security as well as 2-3x ROI. Also, our solution comes at a fraction of the cost of most of our competitors.” 

The USP [Unique Selling Proposition] of AIS lies in its ability to customize the software to do just about “anything” a company requests to meet its specific business objectives and its willingness to help organizations optimize automation. AIS’ analysts work collectively with clients as a team to get a true understanding of their business needs and objectives. As a part of the process, they run a Technology Impact Assessment that helps them in pinpointing the exact areas that need modifications.  Based on the analysis and assessment, AIS develops a “Digital Blueprint”, strategically designed to assure the software performs at par with client specifications. 

Mr. Hambleton mentioned certain viable situations where AIS’ state-of-the-art customizable ERP solution could be beneficial for user businesses. AIS solutions would be especially beneficial when a company would appoint a new leader. A new dynamic leader usually brings in new dreams and new visions to a business. This new approach often demands the business to innovate and modernize which eventually calls for advanced modifications in the existing ERP and accounting software programs. 

The different situations where the AIS has brought exceptional systems are:

  • the business revamps management
  • the business makes some additions or brings something new to the business, and needs to modify the software to accommodate the new incorporations
  • the business software needs to scale up in sync with the latest industry regulations
  • the business has incorporated cutting-edge process optimization and needs the software to adapt to the new level of complexity
  • the business needs to automate “Tribal Knowledge”

Regarding businesses looking for better software automation, AIS integrates existing modules of specialty software with its own customizations to facilitate optimal and highly efficient automation. This aspect helps increase operation, eliminate manual steps, remove unnecessary workarounds, and minimizes unwanted errors. 

“We will support you with the most adaptable accounting, fund accounting, ERP, and financial management software available. You will have 100% freedom to operate it just the way your business needs to. You can count on us as your trusted partner here who will always help you with the needed support, right ideas as well as essential system improvements, depending on your changing needs over time.” 

Speaking further, Mr. Hambleton stressed the fact that AIS is driven by the mission to increase the profit and security of the user businesses. Most importantly, the company is aimed to empower businesses with a sustainable software infrastructure that will help them to thrive amid changing market demands over time. 

“Our customized ERP and accounting software solutions tailored to meet the exact needs of your business will enable you to build up a scalable infrastructure that will help your business attain massive growth over time. The flexibility of convenient and seamless modification is the key to survival, even in dire times like the pandemic era. Our micro-customizable software solution will not only upgrade the capacity of your business, but it would also do so with complete adherence to quality standards and compliance requirements. We believe in an ethical business approach that aims to reduce stress and harm for businesses while improving well-being and their business outcomes”, explained Mr. Hambleton. 

“Our advanced and completely customizable software solution brings to small and medium-sized businesses the same power that once was almost exclusive to large corporations.” 

About Analysis & Information Services (AIS)

Based in Maryland, AIS is a renowned custom software development and support company that has been providing design, implementation, and support services for custom ERP solutions since 1989. The company has been an Elite AccountMate business partner for more than 30 years now, and, over time, has worked with several AccountMate business partners, programmers, vertical solution providers, and long-time AccountMate employees. 

AIS offers a vast range of services including Consulting and Design Services, Programming Services, Documentation and Training Services and Support services for available products. AIS Uses software to build a structure, or system, that allows people to respond to what happens in their business in a way that’s designed to be easily modified. As companies grow, so should their business and production workflow.  

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