Three methods of mirror polishing on stainless steel surface

In stainless steel processing process, sometimes customers need to perform mirror treatment. There are three main stainless steel mirror treatment methods, namely mechanical polishing, chemical polishing and electrochemical polishing. Now, we will introduce them separately.

1. Mechanical polishing

Mechanical polishing relies on the grinding and rolling action of very fine polishing powder to remove a very thin layer of gold on the grinding surface of the sample to remove oxidation, create a reflective surface, or prevent corrosion of the pipeline, and increase the cleanliness of stainless steel.

Mechanical polishing, good leveling, bright labor intensity, serious pollution, difficult to process complex parts, reduced gloss, high investment and cost. Simple parts, medium and small products, and complex parts cannot be processed. The gloss of the whole product cannot be consistent. The retention time is not long.


2. Chemical polishing

Chemical polishing is a method of removing wear marks and leveling by the selective dissolution of the uneven areas of the sample surface by the chemical etching effect of chemical reagents. Chemical polishing is a method to produce the polishing effect without power supply. The chemical polishing equipment is simple, capable of processing thin tubes, parts with deep holes and complex shapes, and high production efficiency. Chemical polishing can be used as a pretreatment process for electroplating, and it can also be used directly after polishing with the necessary protective measures.

Low investment, complex parts can be thrown, high efficiency, fast speed, insufficient brightness, polishing liquid needs to be heated, gas overflows, complex products with ventilation equipment are required, and products with low brightness requirements can be processed in small batches.

3. Electrochemical polishing

Electrochemical polishing, achieve mirror gloss, long-term maintenance, stable process, less pollution, low cost, good pollution prevention, large one-time investment, complex parts need to install tooling, auxiliary electrodes, mass production of small and medium-sized products with low temperature and high gear, long requirements Time to keep the mirror bright product process is stable, easy to operate, can be widely promoted and used.

Among the three methods of stainless steel surface treatment, electrochemical polishing is the most promising process, which has quality protection for users who need stainless steel processing.

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