An Electronic Anthem Channeling Anger and Raw Pent Up Emotions: Desmond Last Unveils New Single

An Electronic Anthem Channeling Anger and Raw Pent Up Emotions: Desmond Last Unveils New Single
With his enriching and dynamic new single, titled “I Can Hear My Heart”, eclectic singer-songwriter Desmond Last is set to stun listeners with a uniquely sensory and raw vibe while building onto a colorful musical career.

Immersing listeners into a rich and riveting ambient aura with dynamic Electronic music, Desmond Last is set to captivate, while also crafting for himself a dynamic position in the musical world.

Titled “I Can Hear My Heart”, the new single takes listeners on an emotional journey, showcasing a musical prowess that stunningly spins together lyricism and songwriting. The new single follows up on Demond Last’s previous tracks, including “The Risings Unite”, which the artist released for listeners in 2021.

A mesmerizing composition, “I Can Hear My Heart” brings about a varied set of emotions from within the heart, offering an outlet for the mentally handicapped. The new single offers a mix of vivid storytelling, which is both raw and relatable, and rhythmic brilliance melded to perfection.

The new single was composed independently by the rising artist over a period of 3 months and is meant to seamlessly take listeners on a journey that is interspersed by the raw and authentic flavors of life’s many emotions, including frustration.

“[The new single is a way] to emphasize the varying emotions of the severally handicapped from sleep to anger and from rest to frustration,” says Desmond Last regarding his newest release.

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Desmond Last is a rising singer-songwriter and artist from Australia who has remained under the radar, receiving little to no coverage from any mainstream Australian media. An eclectic and dynamic artist, Desmond Last continues to soar to new heights, using his talents to craft musical compositions that stand out. Sending ripples in the world of Electronic music, the talented musician’s songwriting sets him apart from other artists in the genre, with his expressive word choices and lyrical prowess.



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