Ehsan Jafari Shares Mission to Coach Hundreds of Thousands on Self-Development, Builds Coaching Academy Amid Pandemic

Ehsan Jafari Shares Mission to Coach Hundreds of Thousands on Self-Development, Builds Coaching Academy Amid Pandemic

Educating people from all walks of life to equip them with life-changing skills is indeed one of the most rewarding things a person can do in one lifetime. After learning from some of the best coaches and mentors in the world, Ehsan Jafari is now on a mission to spread what he knows and transform others’ lives. Knowing the value self-development training has on overall performance and success, the coach aims to reach hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout his journey.

Ehsan Jafari started his journey to success way back in 2004. He began by improving his skills and knowledge by learning from the best in the self-development industry. Determined to learn and maximize his potential, Ehsan thrived in various endeavors, including international marketing management, information technology, working on his language skills, and understanding Russian culture. During this time in his life, Ehsan attended multiple seminars worldwide to achieve his goals.

Today, Ehsan Jafari has coached over 50,000 people globally. Being exposed to individuals coming from diverse cultures has expanded his view of humanity and allowed him to understand the beauty people have from being different. Ehsan has educated, elevated, and uplifted others in the best way possible by sharing what he knows. Yet, his massive success also had its own set of troubles.

Ehsan Jafari shared how difficult it was at first to connect with people from different cultures. But at the end of it all, he understood that regardless of color and culture, every human being has the eagerness to obtain knowledge and better their lives. Upon arriving at such a perspective, Ehsan became even more driven to look forward to meeting more individuals to carry out what he considers his duty to help people achieve their highest potential.

Taking things to the next level, Ehsan Jafari and his brother Jafar Jafari, also known as Master Jeff, built PSC Academy. “Everything starts with an idea,” shared the co-founder as he explained that PSC Academy is a product of two decades of curated ideas. Furthermore, Ehsan shared how his brother has helped and coached him to better his craft. “I had the privilege to learn and study everything shoulder-to-shoulder from him and be a co-founder of PSC Academy.”

With his incredible journey so far, Ehsan Jafari has achieved recognitions and accolades within the industry. He was named one of the Top Ten Successful Coaches in all CIS countries. Ehsan has also expanded his reach to Asia and the Middle East. Currently, the coach is taking great strides to help people in Canada and the United States.

Even amid the pandemic, Ehsan Jafari forwards his mission to leave a lasting legacy. “We are fully upgrading our courses and training methods to be matched with the pandemic situation,” shared the coach. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, Ehsan and his brother are pushing themselves to become a top-of-the-line educational academy anyone would be proud to attend, formulating innovative coaching strategies made for everyone eager to achieve the best version of themselves. 

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