10L single high flow oxygen concentrator in stock now

Nowadays, the lack of a 10L oxygen concentrator became more and more serious. Using the adsorption performance of molecular sieve, through the physical principle, with large displacement oil-free compressor as the power, the nitrogen in the air and oxygen separation, and finally get a high concentration of oxygen. This type of oxygen generator produces oxygen quickly, the oxygen concentration is high, suitable for all kinds of people oxygen therapy and oxygen health care; And low power consumption, low use price.

The function of 10L oxygen machine:

1. Atomizer

2. Low purity alarm: when the oxygen purity is higher than 82%, the green light is displayed; when the oxygen purity is lower than 82%, the red light is displayed *Maintenance alarm: when the operation exceeds 3000 hours, the maintenance alarm reminds

2. High-temperature alarm: when the operating temperature of the system is higher than 50°C, a high-temperature alarm will be issued.

The oxygen concentrator is in stock now. Some clients prefer the 10L Single high-flow oxygen concentrator, while some clients prefer the Double flow oxygen concentrator. If people need samples, ORIENT suggests people could use both. people can show people clients both oxygen concentrators. Tell them people have both kinds of 10L oxygen concentrators.

As last, ORIENTlcome to contact ORIENT for updating the stock information of the oxygen machine.


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