Healthy Coin Engages with Collegiate Athletes to Handle Their Accounting, Tax and Personal Finance

Their services assist collegiate athletes in a transformational, non-transactional way.

The recent NCAA NIL decision opens up endless income possibilities for college athletes. Since they can now capitalize on their fame by accepting endorsement deals or producing merchandise using their names, images and likenesses, college athletes across the country can potentially earn millions of dollars every year. Healthy Coin stands by college athletes and extends its accounting, tax and consulting services to guide them in making good financial decisions.

“I’ve got over a dozen former D-1 ballers as clients. They all agree that before the NIL decision, being a collegiate athlete was like a full-time job with no pay,” shared Robert Whittley CPA, president of Healthy Coin LLC.

Whittley can see things turning around with the NIL decision. He agrees that these athletes have a unique opportunity to make money and get financial security through royalties, merchandise, contracts, media appearances, social media ad revenues, influencing and fan sites. At the same time, these athletes need to be aware of the tricky terrain that is jock tax, royalty tax, sales tax and maintaining solid financial records.

Healthy Coin aims to inspire and motivate them in ways that go beyond blowing every dollar on cars and clothes.

“I’ve seen it more times than I like to admit. Rookie contract for half a mill gets signed and before the ink dries it’s all gone. No good, your net worth is already in the red,” shared Whittley in an interview.

Healthy Coin’s transformational business model aims to avoid the aforementioned traps by tackling potential issues before they ever become problems. By way of a hands-on white glove approach, they walk their clients through exercises that reveals what success, failure, happiness and legacy should look like in real life. It’s more than just data modeling for Healthy Coin. It’s relationship building.

Know a collegiate athlete that aspires to monetize their talent? Healthy Coin is more than ready to provide expertise.

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Healthy Coin provides accounting, tax and consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses with growth ambitions. They also offer personal finance coaching, wealth-building training and cash flow consultancy to individuals at all levels.

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