Plus Ppl The Plus-size Fashion App Will Use Size Ppl Body Measurement Ai Technology To Improve Personalization In Ecommerce

Body positive community, Plus PPL has recently announced the launch of its app, the Plus PPL App SOON. The app will be the first app globally that revolutionizes and spreads the message of body positivity. The plus-size fashion app will create a closer-knit space for pro-body and plus sized people and also make it easier for influencers or ‘plusuencers’ to spread more self-love fashion tips. As a leading body positive brand, Plus PPL has recorded over 55 million brand exposure worldwide. 

In the USA, over 60% of women wear size 14 and above which is regarded as plus size. However, the “plus-size” market continues to be ignored and underserved as most designers make clothes within the size range of 4-10.  Why do they get ignored even when the financial potential is huge? According to recent research, the global market value of plus size women’s apparel was estimated to be worth 178.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 and is projected to triple before 2028. In 2019 also, the casual wear plus size clothing segment accounted for the highest share in the plus size clothing market. 

Customers in the plus size category have recently begun to demand more fashionable, attractive and good quality garments that are readily available in larger sizes. Even though the demand for more plus size clothings has tripled over the years, designers are barely tending to the market. Plus PPL therefore is taking advantage of the high demand in the market by creating a brand that services the plus size community. By creating a community that speaks the plus size language, Plus PPL is not only promoting body image but also the truth that the fashion industry has evolved from a smaller size stereotype. 

Any woman can be a plusuencer by sharing personal outfits, style tips and honest stories that inspire confidence in others. Plusuencers can  give other community members a real body positive shopping experience and the ability to discover and shop for great clothes. They can also get exposure and publicity on Plus PPL’s official Instagram page for free while inspiring millions of women.

Introducing Size PPL

Size PPL is an industry leading AI driven body measurement technology designed to address inaccurate body measurements in the online clothing industry. Size PPL will be integrated into the Plus PPL app and both technologies will work hand in hand to provide a seamless shopping experience for plus-size women.. Plus PPL will use the Size PPL technology to give users the ability to shop plus size fashion easily online with size recommendations.

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, the AI Startup’s mission is to create a high-impact, low-cost solution with 100% accuracy to revolutionize the online shopping experience for consumers and save lots of money for retailers. This is because sizing systems around the world are highly complicated, confusing, time wasting and overall inaccurate. 

The AI-Powered body measurement technologies is simple to use, efficient and uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms to produce accurate measurements recommendations for online consumers. Consumers are not required to input any information for Size PPL to provide accurate measurement. This means a stress-free and smooth shopping experience for every consumer and consumer satisfaction afterwards. 

The system also allows designers and retailers to seamlessly integrate the technology within their mobile app and eCommerce sites. 

By combining customer service, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, image processing, and decades of industry knowledge, Size PPL is revolutionizing the fashion and retail industry in a way that has not been seen before.

Industry Interest 

Even though the global fashion industry grosses about $2.5 trillion in a year, retailers are still counting losses. These retailers attribute over 50% of their losses and returns to sizing issues. This is because recent studies have revealed that about 85% of online shoppers have had bad experience shopping due to inaccurate sizing. 70% of online consumers too have decided against making a purchase because of a complicated sizing chart. This means that every retailer loses money every time a consumer decides not to make a purchase. The AI Size PPL therefore becomes a necessary technology for all fashion companies and online sellers because aside from providing a smooth customer experience, Size PPL can cut down on retailer losses that build up to $100 billion. 

The AI measurement tool works beyond eliminating size problems and providing accurate measurements. For clothing retailers, it provides valuable industry insight and consumer data that will help them make decisions that will increase profits by improving products.

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