WIMI Hologram’s 5G+AR/AI Expand the Market, and Holographic Projection Alarm

What is the goal of technology? That is to create smarter and more comfortable life experience for people. With the popularization of 5G, people’s lives are equipped with more applications with a sense of science and technology. With 5G Internet connecting everything, life in the future will gradually achieve “whatever you want”. Interconnecting everything means to better serve life by data interaction. Smart life, based on 5G is never beyond reach.


Ten years ago, Microsoft founder Bill Gates showed life of the future: TV becomes a thing from the past, instead the entire wall is the screen. In the early morning, your favorite music is automatically played, and the robot becomes your private housekeeper, meeting your various needs…

In the home of “Iron Man”, all the rooms and appliances are controlled by the artificial intelligence system. It may be the best smart home ever.

When you wake up in the morning, the curtains will automatically open, besides various home appliances like the lights, air conditioners, switching to the morning mode. The cup would automatically be filled with water for brushing teeth when I go to the bathroom, and the temperature could be previously set. Hands are liberated when the automatic driving works for me. And the smart city system will detect traffic jams and choose the best route.

Though sounds like imagination, with the advent of the 5G appliance, everything is gradually becoming a reality. Holographic imaging, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things are changing our lives at an incredible speed. 5G not only brings changes to our lives, but also empowers thousands of industries.

Take holographic imaging technology as an example, it has broad application prospects in education, automotive, outdoor media, exhibitions and other industries, what counts is that it has huge potential in the military field.

We human beings are approaching the life in science fiction. Suppose you wake up in the morning, you would read the time from anywhere in the room, wall or ceiling. Action of turning over, sitting up, or craning your neck can be reserved. Good news is coming from the holographic industry. It is reported that the holographic alarm projects the time with a clearly visible image. In addition, the holographic projection alarm also provides functions such as dual alarm set, indoor and outdoor temperature, time and USB charging ports.

Delving into such alarm, the amazingly smart point lies in that each contains a built-in projector that can be rotated up to 180 degrees to project the image to the most obvious location. When setting a new clock, you can select 12-hour or 24-hour (military time) form. The alarm use both Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology, same as the movie projector’s operating principle .

The function of the holographic projection alarm requires a back-lighting display, with an incandescent bulb or LED. The numbers are displayed in red or blue in most cases, which avoids causing the strong awakening response of most sleepers.

In addition, the projection alarm has adjustable brightness. Choose from Dim, Medium, Bright, and Off settings to meet the needs of light sensitivity. The “bright” setting projects an image that can be seen in the whole day including the daytime. While a “dim” setting allows you to check the time in a dark room. Moreover, if you want a completely dark sleeping surrounding, you can set the projector to the “Off”. Also, you are allowed to choose the color and design of the display and the projection angle of the enlarged image.

If you are bored with the single sound of the alarm, there comes multiple selections, which better suits you and wakes you up from a deep sleep. Options include natural sounds, buzzers, AM/FM radio, or amplified music played from a connected smart phone, tablet, or MP3 player. The alarm’s memory can hold up to 20 preset radios.

As a startup company with advanced holographic technology in the industry, WiMi Hologram has been practicing the concept of “people-oriented, technology changes life”. Relying on the core technical capabilities – chip optimized by algorithm and AR technology, WIMI adheres to the “device-cloud collaboration” route, empowering digital cities and human life with holographic technology and creating the world’s most innovative holographic ecosystem. In many fields, WIMI are committed to bringing holographic experience to the consumers, making people’s lives safer, healthier, more convenient and pleasant.

WiMi Hologram was established in 2015. WIMI focuses on holographic cloud services, mainly on automotive AR holographic HUD(Head Up Display), 3D holographic pulse LiDAR(Laser Radar), head-mounted light field holographic equipment, holographic semiconductor, holographic software, holographic car navigation and other professional fields, covering not just high-tech industry, but advertising, entertainment and many other industries. It is a solution provider on holographic integrated technology.

Advanced technology and digital transformation are important driving forces for WIMI to promote the development of the technology industry. From 2020 to 2025, the annual growth rate of WIMI holographic AR software and content will be 68.7%, and the AR hardware grows by 67.9%. Nearly 5,000 high-quality, high-fidelity holographic content has been produced, and it has excellent holographic technology research and development system, content production and storage system, and commercialization system.

WIMI has rich holographic content rights in the industry, the format of which covers from 3D models to holographic virtual products, which is highly appreciated by the industry.

WIMI’s holographic AR products and solutions can cover categories including holographic animation, virtual live stream, virtual idols and virtual social activity. Among them, 2961 holographic IPs (intellectual property) are used for virtual education, 851 IPs for virtual tourism, 739 for virtual art and entertainment, and 103 for virtual science. In addition, WIMI cooperates with various content owners to transform high-quality IP into holographic virtual products, so as to improve its operation system of IP ecology.

As we all know, the holographic AR industry consists of three main parts. The upstream part refers to the key hardware, software, services and providers and participants related to content production. Midstream participants are solution providers of holographic AR, integrating upstream to bring about final products or solutions, such as holographic AR advertising platforms and head-mounted displays. Downstream refers to users, including governments, enterprises and household or individual consumers.

WIMI currently participates in the upstream and midstream part. It integrates strong research capabilities and strives to cut the cost, playing a role in the upstream and midstream markets.

WIMI owns the leading AR holographic application platform, and its hardware strength is obvious to develop software and content in these fields.

As Google, Microsoft, Intel, and NVIDIA have invested much in the AI ​​supercomputing center, WIMI, as an industry leader, is also very optimistic about this program and independently develops a holographic cloud platform with AI computer vision. Coordinating world-leading 3D computer vision technology and SaaS (Software as a Service) platform technology, WIMI’s Hologram Cloud turns ordinary images into holographic 3D content through AI algorithms, and make it widespread in holographic advertising, holographic entertainment, holographic education, holographic communication and other fields.

In the actual application, platform computing enables to analyze users’ video data, that is, C-end. For instance, video analyst technology help television stations develop toward the trend of short videos and live stream, integrated with AI effects. What’s more, it supports B-end industrial video data transportation, to meet the high-precision, low-latency, high-performance, and fast iteration requirements of algorithm on the actual application.

In the future, WIMI will continue to promote the development and breakthrough of holographic AR display technology and artificial intelligence, and at the same time promote the large-scale industrialization of the market, so that more groups can enjoy the advantages brought by technological development.

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