Mermaid Soaps Delivers Relaxation and Self-Care During These Stressful Times

Practice self-care with all-natural, environmentally friendly bath bombs, soaps, and skincare products made from organic ingredients.

Those who think self-care is overrated definitely haven’t had the chance to consciously take action for their physical, mental, and emotional health. The thing is, self-care is different for every person. It can take the form of getting enough sleep or squeezing in a yoga session in the middle of a busy day. And for some, indulging in a nice, warm, and foamy bath caps off their tiring day. Founded to promote self-care for those who deserve it the most, Mermaid Soaps made self-care more enjoyable with their line of bath treats.

Baths are effective to deliver deep relaxation because it simply means that time is being devoted to one’s self. It gives people the opportunity to slow down from the day-to-day hustle while soaking up the warmth, appreciating the calm, and pampering the senses. With Mermaid Soaps, this type of self-care is taken up a notch higher. Their bath bombs not only leave the skin smooth and supple, but its fragrance surely adds the perfect touch for a warm relaxing bath. Not to mention that certain scents, especially the likes of lavender, eucalyptus, or lemon, can be calming and are helpful for a good night’s sleep or to boost mood and productivity when needed.

As someone whose work used to revolve around caring for other people, Rebecca Brown, the Founder of Mermaid Soaps, understands that even the smallest acts of self-care, such as taking a nice bath after a long day at work, can make a huge difference. “I founded Mermaid Soaps after a career of helping others in the non-profit field and seeing how much stress and anxiety exists among those who care for others. It’s critical that we all must take time to pause and invest in ourselves so we can continue to be caregivers.”

Mermaid Soaps offers a variety of products for body, bath, and hair, including handmade soaps, bath bombs, shower steamers, shampoo and conditioner bars, and many more. Made from all-natural ingredients, their best selling bath bombs are known for providing a relaxing bath experience that satisfies the senses and results in incredibly soft skin. Mermaid Soaps also has gift boxes, with each containing two bath bombs, one bar of their handmade soap, and an accompanying soap bag to make the soap last longer and be easily stored.

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Mermaid Soaps is a beauty brand founded by Rebecca Brown that promotes self-care through all-natural Florida-made soaps, bath bombs, hair and skin products, and many more.

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