Munich based startup Learnee develops most time-saving vocabulary learning app in collaboration with Munich University

Learnee is a revolutionary vocabulary learning app that helps to learn foreign languages easily and efficiently without investing extra time.

Munich, Germany – September 02, 2021 – Learning a new language is always great but it’s too challenging to squeeze out time to learn new vocabulary in the modern jam-packed life. How about a tool that will allow to learn new vocabulary without asking for extra time? Sounds utopian, right? Well, a Munich startup has developed the world’s most time-saving vocabulary learning app that will allow users to learn new words without spending extra time. Learnee, as the app is called, will enable users to learn a new word every hour while working or browsing the web. 

Developed based on scientific research, Learnee is intelligently designed to boost a user’s ability to learn new words and never forget them. Interestingly, the app was initially developed for personal use but its innovative features soon attracted attention and currently, it has grown into a Munich University project. 

The app currently supports 15 major languages, including, Spanish, Hindi, Italian, Vietnamese, Portuguese, English, Arabic, and more. Learnee delivers thematic vocabulary lists as well, such as Business or Travel vocabularies.

In an exclusive interview, one the of key spokespersons from the Learnee team revealed that the app has been designed with a groundbreaking approach to resolve the two main problems of learning something new – 

– The problem of time spending on learning

– The problem of lack of inspiration for consistent learning (learn every day to achieve results) 

“The USP of Learnee is that it saves time because the learning process happens while you are doing your usual things on the desktop PC or MAC. The ‘vocabulary’ part is the most time-consuming part of learning a  new language and ‘time’ is almost an elusive thing in the modern busy life. It’s the lack of time that often deters people from exploring new languages, until now. With our most time-saving vocabulary learning app,  you won’t need to spend any additional time on vocabulary learning; Learnee makes learning a new language more convenient than ever”, stated the spokesperson from the Learnee team.

So, how does Learnee save time?  

Well, once a user downloads and installs the app in his/her device, Learnee starts sending Vocabulary Flashcards regularly on the device screen. This way,  it becomes easier for users to check them out and learn new words simultaneously while doing other activities on the device. The whole learning process happens when the user is getting on with his/her daily business.  

For example, let’s say, office workers spend around 1700 hours in front of a computer screen every day on average. With Learnee, during these 1700 hours, they can acquire A1 vocabulary without spending any extra time.

Learnee is also the FIRST vocabulary trainer that “motivates” the users. Regular learning apps demand users to put aside time to learn the new words – a real pain after a long tiring day at work. But Learnee eliminates all such hassles by enabling users to learn new vocabulary conveniently alongside their daily activities. This way, learning becomes easier than ever which eventually motivates users to look forward to exploring more numbers of new words every day. 

“The problem with other regular language learning apps is that they kind of force you to memorize translations which is not effective in the long run. But Learnee comes with a completely new approach to learning- Word Association. Our app makes learning new foreign words more efficient by associating them with images, sounds, sentences in your target language, and interactive learning strategies.” 

“What makes Learnee extremely effective for language learning is its advanced and unique ‘immersive’ method based on neuroscience principles. The innovative method is designed to push foreign vocabulary into the user’s memory efficiently and rapidly so that s/he doesn’t forget the new words.” 

Learnee is currently available in Beta Version and is launched on Kickstarter.

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