Nice-Can Provides Specialized, Unmatched Research and Manufacturing of Tin Box and Can Products

For more than 20 years, Guangzhou-based company Nice-Can has provided a one-stop shop for custom tin boxes and custom tin cans.

Guangzhou, China – Professional tin box manufacturer Nice-Can Manufacturing Co., Ltd., with factories located in Guangzhou and Huizhou, excels in producing quality, unique custom tin boxes and custom tin cans with their state of the art technology. Serving more than 63 countries around the world, Nice-Can is an expert at providing spanning services of design, research, molding, proofing, production, and delivery. The company was founded over twenty years ago and has offered a variety of tin boxes for customers including famous enterprises such as The Coca-Cola Company, Mars, Inc., Kellogg’s Company, L’Orea Paris, Lipton, Nestle, Starbucks Coffee, among other well-known brands. Their services never disappoint, as they are known in their field for providing the best quality material and most flawless design on their tin cans and boxes.

Nice-Can manufactures a myriad of wholesale products, and their line includes tin and aluminum boxes and cans for needs such as storage for food, tea, and stationary, cosmetic and health care product packaging, and tins for candles and cigarettes. They even offer ice buckets and specifically designed signs. No matter the customer’s needs, Nice-Can is equipped with ten designers with 10+ years of experience that can prove to whatever style is requested. Through the whole process, customers should expect only intimate, cooperative service from designers. The company produces an output of five million pieces per month, with 3,000 distinctive molds. The two factories have also acquired numerous domestic and international certifications such as QS, CIQ, FDA, and BRC.

“At Nice-Can, we are able to meet your customized design needs, and deliver first-rate tin boxes and cans for nearly every client need,” stated a representative from Nice-Can. “As a qualified supplier of some of the world’s top enterprises, only the best services possible are acceptable.”

Tin products are often seen as more reliable and safe for food and health products, as there is good sealing performance and a stronger barrier to protect whatever is inside. Additionally, compared with plastic packaging and paper packaging, the tin box poses less of a threat to the environment. Above all, for your product, it provides a unique, beautiful packaging that will make your product even more enticing to customers. Partnering with Nice-Can ensures that your product packaging is of a superior class, and your environmental and health-related impact is more positive on the world.

For more information about Nice-Can Manufacturing Co., Ltd., visit their website: You can also access their product portal and peruse their catalog here: For media and partnership requests, you can contact the company by phone at +86 13829718317.

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