Zeest Technology LTD Launches New Reservation Service Software

Secure technology and a seamless reservation platform to manage real estate properties, vacation rentals, stores, businesses, and more.

September 2, 2021 – Peace of mind is priceless. When it comes to managing tenants, especially many at once, time gets lost and it’s exhausting. But with unique, seamless reservation hardware and software, Zeest Technology LTD is helping home and business owners keep property secure and safe after hours.

Zeest Technology’s new platform, WiseIngress, is a web mobile-based reservation platform which integrates its software with offline smart locks to grant customized access to property. Apartment amenities, job sites, and real estate open houses are prime opportunities to use Zeest Technology hardware and software services. Making business and apartment reservations has never been easier.

In Canada, igloohome smart locks are the exclusive distribution product of Zeest Technology, providing smart security hardware for residential and commercial asset and property protection. WiseIngress integrates with the smart lock hardware to generate time-sensitive PIN codes, allowing for contactless reservations with no need for Wi-Fi or Internet. Zeest Technology hardware is easy to install and comes with a digestible instruction guide.

This way, WiseIngress setup is fast so reservations can start being made, confirmed, and paid for in minutes. Instead of rifling through reservation lists, managers use WiseIngress to save time and frustration with scheduling. Designed and backed by a team of tech innovators, WiseIngress makes arranging and planning big events easier with smart rental and reservation technology.

WiseIngress features a full Administrator Board to oversee reservations, payment methods, analytic reports, lock management, and more. The reservation platform is compatible with iOS and Android and can be used on all web browsers. Even still, Wi-Fi isn’t needed to transfer temporary PIN codes.

Deadbolt, key lock box, and smart padlock solutions by [Zeest Technology’s] WiseIngress can be used anywhere, bringing an all-in-one approach to making secure reservations. Advanced hardware is great, but with the Administration Board, managers customize amenities’ service hours and availability as seamlessly as possible, from the comfort of anywhere. Sleek-looking smart locks and fast, Wi-Fi-free WiseIngress software is helping homeowners and business property owners keep tabs on organized, rightful reservations. Cut back on time and frustration with WiseIngress in Zeest Technology products.

About Zeest Technology LTD

Zeest Technology LTD is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and aims to change the narrative around amenity management, security, and reservations worldwide. It is innovating and integrating door hardware with smart SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. Its WiseIngress platform is now available in Canada, the U.S., and Singapore, but is expected to expand in the near future.

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