Books & Bangers is a groundbreaking new business model designed for independent creators and their fans.

Singer, songwriter and award-winning author Ross Victory developed the idea while locked down with the rest of the world in 2020. The concept was simple, to create a line of products inspired by the work of independent artists. Simple maybe, but also revolutionary.

As both a creator and a fan, Ross knows that the connection between the two is essential to both. Artists create because they must. They seek answers to unanswerable questions, trying to make sense of a nonsensical world.  Their need to express themselves is born of the desire to connect with like-minded souls. Their patrons are those souls. Those fans are also looking for answers. They too are seeking that connection. Books & Bangers creates new pathways by which these bonds can be made.

The e-commerce store will feature stylish streetwear inspired by the work of independent authors, musicians and visual artists. The site will offer values-driven, high-quality products made to order. The products are cutting edge and fashion-forward. However, they are more than simply visually appealing. These designs are an extension of the connection sought after by artists and fans alike. With deep visual, aesthetic and conceptual ties to the work of the artists on the Books & Bangers roster, the designs are tangible representations of shared values and dreams.

Ross Victory has dedicated his life to empowering the creative community while inspiring and entertaining listeners and readers. In his own work, Victory provides a multi-format creative experience in Urban Adult Contemporary music and literature, with a focus on creative non-fiction and novellas. His music and stories give voice to those who are often left voiceless, from the lonely LGBTQ teen to the forgotten elderly.

Books & Bangers continues that mission, bringing together people of color, the disabled community, immigrants and anyone else who has felt marginalized by mainstream culture and society, and showcasing their stories and art. The message of anti-bullying and community is at the core of the brand’s message and story.

The venture also offers a much-needed financial opportunity to a community of creators who struggle each day to make a living while pursuing their creative vision. By definition, independent artists have no one but themselves on whom they can rely. By coming together under the umbrella of Books & Bangers they find strength in numbers. They create a gravitational force, a lighthouse to guide those like-minded fans to shore.

Upon arrival, the customers will find custom clothing and accessories which represent their dreams and values as no big box retail outlet could ever hope to. They will find products designed for them, by artists who speak their language. And by doing so they will provide the artists real-world support, making it possible for the work to continue and for more desperately needed connections to be made.

Books & Bangers pre-launch will occur on the crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, from September 1 to October 1.

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