After success with coffee and books, ESBYAH all set to change lives with revolutionary Kangen Water machine

ESBYAH is facilitating easier access to healthy alkaline and hydrogen-rich Kangen water through cutting-edge Enagic Machine.

September 02, 2021 – After huge success with premium coffee, books, and vitamins, leading lifestyle brand ESBYAH is now aspiring to create a healthier future with life-changing Kangen water. ESBYAH, which is an independent distributor of Kangen water is offering breakthrough Enagic Machine that will enable users to attain scientifically-proven healthy water with just one tap of a button, right in the comfort of their home.  

“Regular bottled water contains strong acidic properties that can lead to severe oxidative damage to the body, causing serious ailments like cancer, diabetes, cardiac issues, and so on.  It’s about time we switch to the far healthier alkaline-based Kangen water (hydrogen-rich water) that has proven to ensure optimal hydration and good health without the typical negative side-effects of regular water. Rich in antioxidants, Kangen water has long been in use in Japanese medical facilities but has not been easily accessible for the public, until now. ESBYAH has come with the state-of-the-art Enagic Machine that will enable you to generate the life-changing Kangen water right in your home, with just one tap of a button. ESBYAH is an independent distributor of Kangen water”, stated Talia, the co-founder of ESBYAH with her husband Eliyahu. 

The Enagic machine helps to create Kangen water from tap water through the process of electrolysis. When tap water is passed through the machine, it filters out chlorine as well as other impurities from the water as well as separates the hydrogen and oxygen. The process adds an electron to hydrogen which creates a new molecule called diatomic molecular hydrogen gas. When the new molecule is added to drinking water, it generates safe, healthy, antioxidant-rich Kangen Water.

Fresh Electrolyzed reduced, alkaline-based Kangen water assures faster absorption and eliminates risks of consumption of harmful chemicals through the water. A recent study conducted by US scientists has shown that respondents who drank hydrogen-rich water experienced a significant increase in the antioxidant enzymes as well as a huge decrease in acid in the urine. Besides, the participants also experienced a solid increase in good cholesterol and a decrease in bad cholesterol. 

Founded by dynamic husband-wife duo Eliyahu & Talia, ESBYAH is fast rising as a popular household brand all across the USA. The company is renowned for extending fresh roasted, premium quality organic & coffee blends with free shipping worldwide. ESBYAH is also renowned for offering high-quality vitamin supplements. 

Besides, the dynamic couple is also committed to uplifting people through their best-selling spiritual books, such as, “The Spirit of the Galatians, Understanding Paul’s Writing to the Hebrews”, The Anointing of the Shofar”, “Celebrate YHWH, Eloah of Yisrael Feast”, and “Teshuvah a Lifestyle and Way of Redemption: A Curse Breaker.” 

“Our premium coffee blends will be the perfect companion to our books. Rich in spiritual insights, our books will enable the readers to connect with YAHWEH on a whole new level.”

The young husband-wife duo has touched people all across the world with their passionate and personalized approach and spiritual inclination. They are extremely committed to customer satisfaction and it’s their exemplary dedication to consumers which has catapulted ESBYAH to the premier level of a trusted brand today. 

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