Experienced Investment Banker Brahim Ghorri Set To Liberate More People Financially

Experienced Investment Banker Brahim Ghorri Set To Liberate More People Financially
Certified financial advisor and asset manager, Brahim Ghorri, set to expand his reach to more clients across the globe

Brahim Ghorri might be set to write his name in the books of history as he shares his trading skills and expertise with thousands of people across the globe with the launch of BMK Investment Capital. The well-experienced and highly trained assets manager aims to help more people to improve their financial situation, as he leverages his years of trading and managing several instruments to guide them through their investment decisions.

Financial freedom or at least stability remains one of the most cherished positions in life. Unfortunately, only a few people are able to achieve this status. The case is particularly more worrisome as wealth creation and management is not particularly taught in school, with experts already describing financial illiteracy as one of the biggest pandemics in the world. Unfortunately, many of the available resources and financial advisors as well as their solutions have not met the needs of clients. However, Brahim Ghorri aims to use his expertise and expertise to change the situation.

Brahim Ghorri launched BMK Investment Capital to help as many people as possible take advantage of online trading. The services offered include one-on-one coaching and up to 4 to 5 signals as well as tips on all assets, including Forex, indices, crypto, and gold, with no automatic renewals. BMK Investment Capital will grant access to Brahim’s robot, with 5% to 15% monthly returns at pre-sell of $79.99 dollars/month, or after Public sell of $110 dollars/month.

Brahim Ghorri has been in the financial solutions industry for decades, working with some of the biggest names across the globe. Brahim has worked in different capacities, including with PwC in charge of investment banking as well as audit and advisory. He also worked in Auditor and Transactions services for Mazars Mexico, and International Operations Manager at Don Nico Consulting Agency. Other positions held by Brahim over the course of his career include trader and assets manager at AXA Hedge Fund and managing more than 100k as an FMTO trader and MFF. Brahim Ghorri also co-founded an architecture company in Mexico, Morphe Arquitectura, with GEMA Amezquita Garcia.

The Certified Financial advisor from AMF (French and European Monetary and Financial Code) and a graduate of ESCP Europe: Master finance and consulting (ranking top 5 best masters in finance in Financial Times and Forbes) will undoubtedly deliver more financially stable individuals across the globe.

For more information about Brahim Ghorri and his projects in the financial freedom campaign, visit his page on LinkedIn, where he enjoys massive recommendations by people in High positions working for JP Morgan, Rothschild, Neuflize obc investment bank, Oddo BHF, with a large networking in the best banking and hedge Fund in the World.  Brahim Ghorri can also be contacted on Telegram to subscribe for his services offered through BMK Investment Capital.

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