How Christian Battin Helped One TikToker Gain Nearly a Million Followers in Just a Few Weeks

Overnight success is a myth, except when it comes via TikTok. Going viral on the short-form video platform is the new trendy thing for building a strong personal brand. It can also be extremely lucrative for those who can monetize their fanbase. Companies have been spending significant money working with influencers who have loyal TikTok audiences.

Christian Battin of GreenSea Talent Social Media Consulting is a TikToker himself, but also helps other influencers and businesses grow their social media presences. One interesting case study is Battin’s girlfriend, Peyton Walker. Battin encouraged her to create more TikToks, and within a few weeks she brought in millions of views and nearly 1 million new followers. Christian guided her through his unique content strategy to gain a strong fanbase virtually over a few week’s time. He explained exactly what he did in order to help in blowing up her page. “We started by making cute dance videos together and following the trends! Then, I began teaching her how to make my exact style of video, showing her how and why it’s so effective. Once she had the ropes down, she innovated, putting her own spin on the kind of content we make, and it became even more successful.”

Now that the two have found their own individual styles of content, they plan on shifting towards couple-centered content. This approach has a healthy history, with some couples going insanely viral on the internet. Battin explained, “We plan on using our relationship to inspire and influence the younger generations on how to be great examples of Christ and still have fun without living for the world.”

In a recent interview with Seekerstime, Christian was asked if he offered these services to everyone and he responded with, “No, I do not offer my social media consulting services to everyone. I only work with select influencers and companies who share a similar Christ-centered mission. I have limited time outside of making my content and helping my girlfriend, so I have to be extremely selective when it comes to taking on new clients.”

Although he proved that going viral overnight isn’t impossible, it’s definitely not for everyone. In order to go viral and stay relevant in this rapidly changing industry, it’s crucial to constantly be learning and digesting new information. In Christian’s words, “One of the biggest aspects of TikTok success is consistency, and the drive to always be learning. The algorithm and what people want to see is constantly changing, and if you’re not adapting to the changes and studying them, you will not be successful on any social media platform.”

For aspiring influencers and those who have always dreamt of living the ‘content creator’ lifestyle, Christian emphasizes that it’s important to not get caught up in the numbers, “For the longest time, I couldn’t even get over 300 views on a TikTok that I’d spent upwards of thirty minutes making. If you’re stressing out about your stats, you’ll get stuck posting a video and then being upset that it didn’t do as well as you’d hoped. Over time, you’ll develop a doubtful, negative mindset that will keep you from trying again. Keep posting videos! And when one does really well, ask yourself what led to its success, was it the trend, video length, watchtime, or engagement rate? Then, you can start incorporating what you learned into your next post!”

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