Qkids Academy is the next generation early learning online classroom

How does Qkids Academy revolutionize kids’ online learning, and is game-based learning with a live teacher the next step in online education?

Online education…just what does it look like? Many images come to mind from student-led platforms with no actual teacher, to conference-style learning with many participants watching and listening to a teacher. While both have a place, they each lack certain components important to a child’s education. Children need fun, movement, visual stimulation, and interaction in a learning environment. For today’s parents, trying to find the right online solution for their children has become a priority!

Qkids Academy strives to help parents solve that problem. Qkids Academy as an online educational program is created to prepare children aged 3-8 for school. Qkids Academy takes a scientifically-backed course design and makes it fun using an interactive virtual setting that allows children to participate in an actual classroom with other students and a teacher. Students receive valuable in-the-moment interaction and feedback. Classes are made up of one to six students, plus a teacher. The classes remain together, so a child sees the same teacher and classmates each lesson fostering social interaction and relationships. Each lesson is filled with games and tasks that are intentionally designed to keep young children engaged and focused. Student participation is highly encouraged, and students receive both individual and group time from the teacher.

The Qkids Academy courses take children through a structured journey. Children can get a jump start on reading through two levels of phonics classes. Each level consists of 30 lessons with level one focusing on consonants and short vowels, and level two focusing on long vowels, blends, digraphs, and trigraphs. Sight words are included in both phonics levels, followed by a sight words course that focuses exclusively on word recognition and consists of 20 lessons. When ready, four levels of guided reading courses are available to introduce children to reading comprehension and prepare them for independent reading. Five levels of math classes are available to help children build math awareness and recognize the math concepts they encounter in their daily lives.

All of the curriculum at Qkids Academy is designed by highly experienced teachers and is created especially to help children prepare for schooling in North America. Not only is the program excellent as a preparation for school, enrichment during school or alongside homeschool, but it is also great for ESL students who are looking for a program to learn English and to prepare for schooling. Children who experience delays in speech or reading development benefit through small class sizes and personal interaction with a teacher. Parents can even choose to place their child in a one-on-one setting for even more individualized instruction.

No matter what parents are looking for, https://www.qkidsacademy.com/ has something to offer. The program is well-rounded and continues to grow every day. Plans are already in the works to add more subject areas such as science. When searching for an online educational platform, Qkids Academy not only checks all the boxes and more but has the wow factor that parents are looking for.

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