Mr. 44 Drops Latest Track Dad… Best Job I Ever Had

Mr. 44 has just released his latest track Dad… Best Job I Ever Had.

This Hip-Hop song sheds a new light on the genre, as it explores a subject which is rare within this style of music. The beat behind the track could easily be relatable to mainstream rap most are familiar with, however, the sentiment of this track is a whole new level, delivered with a sincere and honest message.

The track is a touching tribute to fatherhood, with slick complex lyrical rhymes that flow effortlessly – you can feel the pride and passion Mr. 44 has instantly. Dad… Best Job I Ever Had definitely explores new paths and pushes boundaries within the Hip-Hop genre.

Born and raised in the Midwest territory of America, Ohio is the birth place of an artist name Mr. 44. An MC who represents the true essence of hip-hop, with years of experience, and a fan base spanning several cities, states, and countries, Mr.44 is a gifted writer with a compelling delivery.

With his single Dad… Best Job I Ever Had you’ll hear and observe a unique song from a unique artist that’s in his own lane, and he brings much experience and authenticity to the game. This single Dad… Best Job I Ever Had, is an anthem for Dad’s throughout the world, a creation of inspiration from a man who gives 100 percent to be a great father to his children.

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