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What Is Acne Clearance?

This advanced IPL laser treatment targets the bacteria in the skin that cause acne. A photo-dynamic reaction occurs, which selectively destroys the bacteria themselves. With successive treatments, the rate of acne destruction can become greater than the growth of the bacteria, leading to a reduction of inflamed lesions and even the prevention of further scarring.

Here is an introduction for  IPL SHR MACHINE.


Equipment Mode SMQ-NYC-3
Operational Mode Continuous operation
Treatment Wavelength Wave length of SR treatment Handpiece: 560nm – 1200nm
Wave length of HR treatment Handpiece: 690nm – 1200nm
 Maximum Energy Density HR treatment Handpiece: 45J/cm2 ±20%
SR treatment Handpiece: 40J/cm2 ± 20%
Size of Aperture Size of HR Aperture: 16mm×57mm, error range: ±0.1mm
Size of SR Aperture: 8mm×34mm, error range: ±0.1mm
Size 525mm×490mm×1080mm(L x W x H)
weigh 45kg


Notice: VR treatment Handpiece is also optional for this equipment and shares a common Handpiece connection with SR treatment Handpiece. Basic parameters for VR Handpiece is as followed:

Wave length 420nm–1200
Size of Aperture 8mm×34mm, Error range:  ±0.1mm
Maximum Energy Density 45J/cm2±20%

Treatment Principle

Multi-wavelengths and colorful wide spectrums produced by Intense Pulsed Light penetrate into epidermis and reaches dermis. Acting on abnormal pigment cells and target vascular tissue, IPL dissolves abnormal pigments, closes abnormal vessels, and stimulates regeneration of collagen. Then, elastic fibers will be rearranged and effects of pigments removal and skin rejuvenation will be achieved. This treatment is targeted, symptoms pointed and energy sufficient.


This system is applied in skin lesions treatment and skin texture perfection:

A. pigmented lesions treatment

B. Vascular lesions treatment

C. Aging skin improvement

D. Hair removal

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