Features and technology of reliable downhole motors

DeepFast perform elastomer development and manufacturing in cooperation with academic and scientific institutes in Europe for advanced solutions. The supply chain of steel manufacturers with excellent national and international reputations allows DeepFast to bring highly durable motors to the market. The careful selection of special material grades for DeepFast motors provides the needed performance.

The products of DeepFast unites state-of-the-art German elastomers, geometry design, and quality control. DeepFast provides the stator available with NBR and HNBR elastomers based on the mud type. Every step of stator manufacture and material process is carefully monitored to ensure the high-quality stator.

DeepFast rotors are made of high-grade steel and precision-milled on sophisticated milling equipment. To match the demands of specific project applications, DeepFast rotors are precisely contoured to various lengths. The rotors are custom-selected to fit each drilling application. DeepFast rotors are chrome-plated by German technology. For salty mud with a high chloride content, DeepFast can provide carbide coated rotors.

1. High Torque

At least 50% more torque than ordinary downhole motors.

2. Long Lifetime

At least 100% improved performance compared to that of ordinary downhole motors owing to five-axis milling machines or rotors and stators.

3. High Temperature Resistance

Up to 175°C in harsh conditions.

4. Applicable in OBM

Diesel, crude oil, technical white oil. Suitable for circulation.

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