Spectra Biotech Launches Plant And Food-Based Sanitizing Solution Namely ORG’IN For Maximum Protection

Spectra Biotech Launches Plant And Food-Based Sanitizing Solution Namely ORG’IN For Maximum Protection
Spectra Biotech has launched a 100% organic, food-grade-based, and plant-based sanitizing solution, namely ORG’IN. This food-grade sanitizer is a safe product for everyone, including babies and pets, whether on the surface or the hands.

September 6, 2021 – Malaysia – Spectra Biotech has developed an ORG’IN sanitizing solution to replace harmful chemical and alcohol-based sanitizers that cause extreme side effects in the long run. ORG’IN is a 100% natural and food-grade bio-organic sanitizing solution. It provides the anti-microbial shield on the treated surfaces and the user’s hands for hours together.

Furthermore, this sanitizer is naturally great for maintaining the health of the customer’s family and pets. With the ORG’IN sanitizing products, the users can feel relieved as they will be free of harmful microbes, and 99.99% of the pathogens will be destroyed.

According to Dr.Anand, Marketing Director of Spectra Biotech, “Our alcohol and chemical-free sanitizer are made of derivates taken from the kernel and palm oils that are used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food-based products. The ORG’IN is a ‘nano particle lipid ester’ adjuvant. The natural properties of our product are globally recognized and have been patented too.”

This natural plant-based sanitizer produces colloidal micelles that rupture and emulsify the microbe’s hydro, cell walls, and lipid components. It makes bio-organic sanitizers, multi-surface sanitizers, and food-grade sanitizers work as long-lasting residual protection for both hands and surfaces.

The ORG’IN is a chemical and alcohol-free sanitizer used in the food industry, hospitals, common public areas, and factories. It is available with local and international accreditation by the Bureau Veritas and is also notified at Malaysia’s National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency.

The best part of this natural and food-grade sanitizer is that it kills the microbes without polluting the environment and harming humans. This sanitizing solution gives the same results and efficacy as that of alcohol or chemical-based sanitizers. The customers can order the product directly from the official website and protect their loved ones and the skin and surfaces.

About Spectra Biotech

Spectra Biotech is a Malaysian agency that has launched their safe and natural plant and food-grade based sanitizer in the market with the name ORG’IN. This product is formulated and licensed under the Company’s license and has a global patent. The product is also accredited by the food-grade authorities and agencies to be produced and sold for human use.

For more details, reach out at https://www.spectrabiotech.ag/.

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