Launch of SUPRAFORT For Children’s Health And Development

SUPRAFORT offers an indoor alternative for youngsters who need incentives to move, strengthen, and ultimately to improve their health and fitness.

DIVIKOM Company and Martin Novak are pleased to announce the launch of SUPRAFORT, a great choice for parents who want to encourage their children’s physical development. It provides children with an indoor playground that encourages movement, strengthening and ultimately improving health and fitness in spaces as small as .6m2! The sophisticated system allows you to assemble and take down the indoor home gym without leaving any traces (no need for drilling or extra tools!). Quality: TÜV certified load capacity of 100 kg makes this strong enough even for adults!

Parents often worry about their children not getting enough exercise. SUPRAFORT indoor home gym is a fitness product that will help parents to give children the active lifestyle they deserve. In fact, it’s been proven that regular physical activity can make your kids stronger and happier in school! Getting them involved with sport activities from an early age helps build coordination and balance skills needed for future games like basketball or soccer. Not only do these products promote all-around development physically but also mentally. As well, while playing together will strengthen the bond between parent and child. Parents should encourage their kids to play with them regularly for some healthy fun time together. Regular exercise is the best addiction that parents can promote with their young ones!

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A spokesperson for the company explained, “The climbing frames are elegant and offer a safe form of movement that will keep you busy all afternoon.  After all, it is fun when parents do not have to remain in a passive role at all – on the contrary, you can chat with children, discuss school, friends, just whatever comes to your mind and feel free to exercise a little. You don’t have to go to the playground every day because you make one at home. The device requires minimum space, so even if one has an apartment, they don’t have too much trouble fitting them into small spaces.”

“Children love climbing and rocking,” he explained. “They can do all that right now in their room! SUPRAFORT indoor gym for children offers your whole family plenty of opportunities to exercise and enjoy. Plus, the health benefits to your kids are straightforward.”

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