ECOM BOSS Propels E-Commerce Owners to Generate 7-Figure Revenue

This company guides e-commerce owners to the ins and outs of Walmart and Shopify automation at the lowest price in the industry with the highest quality team.

In today’s digital age, having one or multiple e-commerce stores allows owners to generate passive income. However, managing them can be a headache. Luckily, there are already companies offering automation and coaching services to business owners. One of them is ECOM BOSS. ECOM BOSS prides itself as a company providing consulting and mentorship to business owners who want to learn how to automate their business so they get to earn 7- or even 8-figure revenue in a short amount of time.

“We run profitable online shops for people like you. Not sure how to run an online business? Don’t have time for it? We got you covered. We take pride in our 100% client success rate. We do not work with everyone even if they have the capital to invest. Client success is our top priority,” Dan Jonsson, CEO of ECOM BOSS said.

Dan emphasizes that ECOM BOSS services are not for everyone. He explained that a client should have over $20,000 liquid capital and that he or she is ready to own a passive income asset. Interest in owning an online business is also vital as this asset has its own challenges.

Dan, a 23-year-old e-commerce expert, has been in e-commerce for six years. He, along with his business partner, 24-year-old Kyle Karsch, built ECOM BOSS to help e-commerce store owners automate their business. Kyle is the company’s COO. Both of them dropped out of college to start successful e-commerce businesses. When they sold over $10 million in online sales, they knew they had to share their gift with others. Now, they offer their expertise to help others fulfill their dream of generating a 7- to even 8-figure income stream.

The company offers guaranteed results from its proven systems and strategies. Dan and Kyle also provide their clients a done-for-you-service so they can sit back and relax while they do all the heavy lifting requirements of an e-commerce store automation.

Economic reports say that the global pandemic only accelerated the growth of e-commerce stores worldwide. Many on-ground retailers shifted to creating online stores instead and closed their brick-and-mortar shops. With this turn of events, ECOM BOSS is optimistic that more e-commerce stores will pop out and will need their help.

ECOM BOSS specializes in automating Walmart and Shopify stores. Interested individuals who’d like to view their case studies may do so by visiting their website The page also has a Book a Call button for those who’d like to inquire. The company also sells branded merchandise.


ECOM BOSS provides e-commerce store automation and coaching services. Established by six-year e-commerce store owners themselves, Dan Jonsson and Kyle Karsch, the company gives Walmart and Shopify automation services for online shop owners across the country. The company takes pride in its 100% client success rate. Their clients’ success is always their top priority.

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