Humanist Photographer Jonathan Klip Expands His Vision to the Global Canvass

Humanist Photographer Jonathan Klip Expands His Vision to the Global Canvass

It is an oft-spoken adage that a picture paints a thousand words. Each piece carries a hundred different stories and preserves a second otherwise unrecallable – an invaluable souvenir of lived time. No one knows this better than Mexico’s leading photographer Jonathan Klip.

An artist who has immortalized countless moments and stunning sceneries, Jonathan Klip is a Mexican humanist photographer with an uncanny ability to capture the authentic reality of everyday life without shine nor embellishment. This unequaled prowess to show life as it is has made Jonathan the premier name in Mexico’s world-class photography stage.

“Photographs are not made to decorate walls but to inspire lives,” he shares. This unique perception is what moved Jonathan to invest in his craft at a young age. Enamored by the power of the image to stir emotions in its audience, he set off on a quest to capture moments across the world.

His undying interest and passion for photography have guided him through and around the lively streets of Mexico – honing his craft and slowly raising him to prominence within the field.

Through his adventures, Jonathan has brought into focus the faces of numerous, empowering characters. Among his subjects are famous women such as writers, artists, journalists, athletes, and actresses, and modern-day heroes and warriors who come in the form of the everyday laborer carrying boxes, shining shoes, weaving hats, or collecting rubble.

“I have the ability to see Mexico through with a different and a most human perspective,” the artist reveals. “I connect with the people.”

In Jonathan’s lens, everyone is an inspiration – and he made sure their stories would not stay within his camera. Along with the publication of his striking photographs: “Entre Guerreros,” “Entre Catrinas,” “Entre Héroes,” “Mujer Chingona,” “Colores de Tacubaya,” and “Entre Ahuehuetes,” Jonathan has also released books and conducted exhibitions throughout his country.

From the packed subway stations to the tourist-frequented art hubs and galleries of his homeland, Jonathan Klip has enhanced the staggering colors of Mexico. He has shared his masterpieces – conveying the stories of his muses and moving souls through captivating imagery. Jonathan’s brilliant efforts have wowed and warmed the public time and again – exposing his mastery and natural talent in reanimating a passing moment.

At present, the inspiring photographer is working on releasing his upcoming projects “Fuerza” and “Entre Músicos.” Another exciting plan that he has underway is broadening his canvas to embrace the whole world, starting with the United States of America. As the home of diversity, the country is the perfect place for Jonathan Klip to launch his impact on a global scale.

While immersing himself in the hodgepodge of narratives lining the area, Jonathan Klip seeks to shed light on the raw and untold stories of the people that give it life. From there, the photographer intends to explore outside the country’s borders and into the sunsets beyond – immortalizing the beauty of each culture and in every experience.

Follow Jonathan Klip as he traverses the world and spills vibrant colors on the global canvas. Browse through his portfolio and learn more about the photographer on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and his official website.

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