Marcus Gwilliam And The Word Of Mouth Marketing Network Expand Their Company Operations World-wide With Opening Of New Office.

Marcus Gwilliam And The Word Of Mouth Marketing Network Expand Their Company Operations World-wide With Opening Of New Office.
Digital Word of Mouth Marketing was recently identified by Forbes as “The most valuable form of marketing”. With their recent expansion The Word of Mouth Marketing Network are now able to help even more companies promote their businesses online using this marketing method.

A rapidly growing advertising network that has been changing how businesses advertise online has seen continued success that is now allowing them to expand their company operations world-wide.

The company has, since being founded in 2019, worked with over 2000 highly talented Digital Marketers and Content Creators to help promote different businesses across both the USA and the United Kingdom.

Marcus Gwilliam, Director of The Word of Mouth Marketing Network, started the company after struggling himself to find an advertising method that provided a consistent return-on-investment when running another company.

When asked what was the inspiration behind The Word of Mouth Marketing Network, Marcus talked about his own struggles advertising online.

“I was advertising using the usual advertising channels and marketing methods but so was everyone else – and it was pot-luck whether customers would notice my adverts or choose to use my services. It felt like I was burning cash. I’m confident that it wasn’t the quality of my work that was in question either as I had lots of fantastic reviews from some very well-known companies, so I knew my advertising had to change!” 

When asked what changed, Marcus stated:

“I decided to think in terms of the customer, so I spent time researching what advertising customers trusted the most. The answer was always the same, Word of Mouth Marketing and the opinions of other people. So I started asking my friends and family to promote my business. Simple things such as sharing some reviews I’d received or some photos of work I’d completed. Suddenly I was getting lots of responses to those adverts. I worked out response rates had increased by around 525%. It was phenomenal and I felt like I’d discovered gold.”

To see if the concept worked outside of the friends and family model an online platform was developed that allowed people around the world to promote different businesses. Once the idea was in place it was put out to market, with the initial response being overwhelmingly positive. 

“The response blew me away, it really did! Within 3 weeks there were over 300 applications from highly talented Digital Marketers and Content Creators. I looked at every single application and the vast majority had delivered amazing results for different companies all over the world.”

“Next, I asked these people to promote my business by sharing reviews and photos of existing work I’d done via platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. From the $500 I spent 108 customers contacted me. I never got that sort of return from other advertising methods such as Pay-Per-Click or Natural SEO!”

Since launching in 2019 feedback obtained from various review platforms, such as Facebook and Google Reviews show that, to date, only positive reviews have been left from both businesses and people working for The Word of Mouth Marketing Network. 

When asked what people seem to love about the company, Marcus said: 

“I think it’s three key things really.” 

“First is that we’re doing something new in the marketing sector and it’s something that our customers are really seeing the benefit of. After all, when someone else promotes your business potential customers don’t think they’re seeing yet another business promoting themselves. This means they’re going to naturally pay more attention to what’s being said. We’ve proved that concept works and the results we achieve are always very positive.”

“The second reason is that we’re providing work to thousands of talented people working from home. For example, we have a customer who runs a business based in New York, USA who only wants people from New York to promote their business. Well, we can offer that and in that scenario we only use talent from New York to promote that business. Likewise, we have customers who want promoting internationally and in that scenario we’ll use all available talent to promote those businesses. The possibilities are endless but it does mean we’re constantly searching for talented people to work with us which can be quite a challenge!”

“Finally, the third reason why people love us is because we back up what we say with guarantees. I think it’s why we’ve got the fantastic feedback we have from both business and staff alike. For example, if a business doesn’t get the results they’ve paid for then they’ll get a full refund. Likewise, if a member of staff completes their work correctly they’ll get paid. It’s a no nonsense approach that I know gives everyone confidence.” 

Primarily based in the United Kingdom, The Word of Mouth Marketing Network is opening their new office in the USA to ensure they are well placed to help businesses around the world looking to benefit from the power of Digital Word of Mouth Marketing, as well as people looking for jobs promoting and creating content online.

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